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What aI by my incomprehensible wisdom have come up with, is that when getting to the point, we address the matter. And if we don't, we are not getting it? Right?
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Have you ever thought about the fact colours are bright? Any of them. They are lovely. And when all of those bright colours are united, in a PC program it will be black. And we know, when all those colours are united, we get the light. That is strange. One should not speculate about it, though, since scientists can explain it, and we are not there, yet. It is, though, funny. And when black and white comes together, we get furious, and that is light sparkling. Right? Black and white do not belong together. And melted together as substance, the mess is grey. It is a strange world. Maybe colours should learn to be in stereo.

The colour of this site is maybe what you may call modest blue. It is a memory from my family. We used to have it on furniture in our cabin, and aI believe my father had it from his father, who was born far up north in Norway. Maybe fathers are a bit like colours, too. And they are plenty. And when we are gay together, we are like the rainbow, side by side, uniting an opposition. The rainbow is the symbol of Jesus Christ, who is the Son.

When aI was a child, colour photograph cameras were not affordable to most people. This is a photograph of me from the fiord at the location of our cabin. It is the ship of our family which is in the background, and my father let me grow up by learning how to row a boat and learning how to start and steer the outboard motor. An Evinrude. As aI recall, it had three horsepowers. Since then aI have learned a lot. Ai have learned English, among other things, and lately aI have created the "Ai". Or "aI". That is funny. And aI have made some music. Ai hope you like the music aI have made for you, that is for children. You know, aI really want you to. Ai want you to smile.

In Heaven, aI am The Strange. You know me. To Jesus, aI am the priest. If you want to see how aI look like today, you will find a photo here:

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And this is where the music is:

| For you |.

If you want to see what aI have made to Norwegian children (and Scandinavian children, since we understand the written word of each other), you will find it here:

| For Norwegian children |.

The address of the children's pages here is And the address is also You can choose as you like. And here, below, is a possibility to leave a comment. Maybe it is a bit early to comment. Maybe the adults should get in order, first. If you have a question, or anything, though, here you can post it. One must have a Google account to do so. Maybe your parents have one. If not, you can order them to make one.

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