♪♫♪ Five fingers


Five fingers
This is a composition made up of five short pieces aI have earlier made for groups of instruments in the orchestra, and one for brass band, and aI intend all those pieces to stay as such. This composition was originally published on MuseScore, in the name of Vaccinius, on score.prixnix.com. Ai am reluctant to make extensive compositions. This composite, as it is, serves as an illumination of style, and effort.

Thank, You, Lord! And, thank you every member of the orchestra, by The Lord! The performance of the scores is fantastic. And, it is a great relief to listen to it being played, this way. Geniuses have taken care of my scores, and aI am grateful.

The scores were originally posted on MuseScore | here |.

The scores are to be found on Google Drive | here |.