♫ ♪ Songs and compositions

Ai have had hundreds of tunes, that is psalms, songs and short compositions, posted on internet. The late summer of 2018 aI removed those all, and aI believe, because aI am hypnotized, and was instructed to do so. It was a silly thing to do. Ai have, though, posted my compositions again, and a few songs, and the presentation is now sweeter, thank You, Lord. Mark, though, only a few of my songs are posted, again.

Almost all my songs and compositions were published on MuseScore, before posted on SoundCloud. Ai consider MuseScore to be my publisher. Ai use the data program of MuseScore to produce my scores. For reasons perhaps explainable, almost all my work on MuseScore aI have taken down, though, in several rounds.

Maybe it was the New Year 2016-17 my tunes and compositions suddenly were reproduced by real musicians. That happened without my knowledge. Ai am everywhere very impressed by the sound.

Posted on the Norwegian side:
♫♪ For accordion
♫♪ For piano