| ¤ | Air - with my text

Here are my lyrics to "Air" by Johan Sebastian Bach.



Holy Father, be the air I breathe.
be truth and justice which do wreathe.
The world can nothing do but sheathe.
I was lost
if I did seek the love by beings tossed,
love which comes forth as cost.

as the truth you operate my mind.
by being justice you are kind.
In you I am not left behind.
More than kind,
ensuring I am not a moral blind,
you let me vision find.

let me call you the air!
By doing I will be fair.
I am dependent upon air,
My God, My Lord.
I love you and I need you. Lord!
my own appeal
is just nothing at all – that I do truly feel.
I want to be
and I see
I can only be so
if I go
from being proud
to humbly loud.
I do
when I stop acting and
think of me as air, not at hand.