About Satan

Satan is incompetent. That is why he is who he is. All hatred comes from helplessness. All sin comes from infirmity. And that is why to teach people to read and to write is important in any community. Literate, all are skilled. But room for creativity is more important. Because, Satan is incompetent. And Satan watches those who are apt and accuses God, and believes that it is unfair that some are more gifted than others. If it is so that Satan is not gifted, Satan believes he is in his full right to retaliate the meanness and to find the mean streak. And in the world the ungifted should rule, says Satan. So he will find positions where the exchange takes place, and stand in the way. In that way Satan acquires authority. And he goes to war against the gifted by creating obstacles for them. And he believes it to be in its full right to do so. For he is not gifted.

Satan insists on being natural. Honesty is for Satan the highest value. Everything can be justified if only Satan is honest, he believes. And he will try people's honesty. Satan will try by actually torture to expose dishonesty.

But the thing is that we, for God, are not being tried on honesty. We are not measured by how much honesty we show. Satan obviously can not put any standard. We should be real. But to be able to create, we must disappear.

What Satan will not think about is that he himself is tried. Specifically, he is tried on the love he shows. Everyone is. Love is what matters. For endowments are temporal. They are either necessary or useful in what God allows to be created. Those who sit at the top and actually rule the world are all gifted in their own way. The world is not ungifted. But the love we show is what we are all being tried on. Christ tries our hearts, not our abilities. And Satan is by heart envious. And evil. By taking action, he has become evil. And the evil is that Satan makes others dependent upon himself.

Really, the Satan is not to understand. The "why" in that case should never be fully understood, other than as trait. There is, though, a way to build people strong. And Satan chooses to be strong by deception, threats, and violence.


Sixteen times I have been bitten
by the Satan finding me.
But I am for sure not smitten.
I have gained hostility.

I have been insane and frightened
sixteen times, to count them all.
Satan, now, should be enlightened.
I don't get but make the call.

Here is in heaven and on earth
no chance for Satan to find worth.
The earth as heaven has become,
and evilness just bothersome.

Much is demanded from the one
who gifted are, by God so done.
And those are gifted by that got
who in this life are gifted not.


Contamination is the sin.
And vulnerable we are all
to that disorder to be in.
But we can anti sin install.