About human nature

By The Story of Creation it is explained to us how the nature of earth mirrors man. We have the earth inside of us, so to speak, as factors working, one might say, in other words as powers. And by the Word, that is Christ, and Jesus was He, we unite the powers and love.

Today, we are not living in the nature. Our environment, especially in the cities, is changed. And the order by which we live influences our perception of ourselves and of the nature of others, consciously or unconsciously.

One mighty influence is the computer, being personal computer, tablet, or phone. The thing is ordered in a special way, and by the device an expectation is made of how to think, and by that an expectation is made to the nature of the human being.

Take the personal computer as an example. By Windows 10 driven devices there is a screen meeting us when we open the device, and this is the desktop. On the desktop we can place a number of symbols pointing to programmes and apps, and the trash basket is permanently put there. The desktop is like our general consciousness.

On the left hand side there is the start menu. This is our focus, our strengthened consciousness. On the start menu, all programmes and apps are listed, so everything we can do is here presented. By tiles we may put up front what we usually do.

On the bottom of the screen there is a taskbar. This is our routine thinking, the way of being we adhere to as normal. We may put icons on the taskbar, pointing to programmes, and the icons we put there are those opening the programmes we always use.

The programmes themselves are manifestation of the unconscious life. By the programmes, the unconscious life is presented, and to be made use of.

There is more. There is a security programme governing, independent of the unconscious life. And there is a clear division between the hardware and the software. There might be more.

This is a way of thinking about the human being. But we must know the computer is not chewing the cud, so to speak. It is like a swine. And the computer is not showing love. It is always pleasing, always allowing by giving yes in an adjusted way. It never gives a no.

This explanation aI had up posted on Google+, for a while. Somewhere before, or in, the summer of 2018 aI took it down, and aI posted it here July the 26th 2018.