Love The Son And He Will Be Bread And Wine Accordingly

Get down!

To youth:
Hypnotizing (mind control) is dangerous. More insecure one cannot get. If you feel a need to sleep, being tried or informed or entertained in front of a screen, turn the screen, the flow, or the movie, or whatever, off, or go away. It might be a directed or collective hypnotizing, and if collective, a sudden, temporal planted drive. On this site, and elsewhere on Trixnix, there should be no such thing.
And to be broken is to be killed, by brutal force and great pain. If anyone suggests taking you home, tell the one to stop it, whatever it is, and walk away. Be cautious of people you don't know, and be alarmed by gangs. And, if you are interrogated, don't say a word. Not a damned single word. As we say in (New) Norwegian: "Ikkje eit kløyva ord!"