Polar Force is a device with two rotating platforms that can levitate and move a small, light-weight sphere. The sphere levitates in a column of air generated by a ducted fan, and stepper motors drive the two rotating platforms. The system is controlled by user input to a Python GUIeither wirelessly, using a pair of radio transceivers, or directly via USB cable.

Video of System on Demo Day

Proposed Objectives:
  • Wii Mote Control
    • The device replicates the user's movement using the Wii Mote
  • Tangle-Free Operation
    • Wires do not tangle as device operates
  • Linear Motion
    • The platforms rotate independently to replicate linear motion of the levitating sphere
  • Three-Axis Control
    • The levitating sphere can move in the xy-plane as well as in the                  z-direction
  • Pre-programmed Behavior
    • The device moves according to hard-coded speeds and directions
  • Tangle-Free Operation
    • SUCCESS!!!
  • Circular Motion
    • Due to limitations of solving trigonometric equations on the micro-controller, we were only able to produce circular "rose petal" patterns
  • Two-Axis Control
    • We were not able to control the speed of the fan, so we were not able to control the height of the levitating sphere.