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  • A person who teaches, esp. in a school
  • a person whose occupation is teaching
  • a personified abstraction that teaches; "books were his teachers"; "experience is a demanding teacher"
  • (teach) an English pirate who operated in the Caribbean and off the Atlantic coast of North America (died in 1718)
  • A piece of writing that partakes of the nature of both speech and song that is nearly always rhythmical, usually metaphorical, and often exhibits such formal elements as meter, rhyme, and stanzaic structure
  • (poem) a composition written in metrical feet forming rhythmical lines
  • Something that arouses strong emotions because of its beauty
  • (poetic) of or relating to poetry; "poetic works"; "a poetic romance"
  • (poet) a writer of poems (the term is usually reserved for writers of good poetry)
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A Poem as Big as New York City: Little Kids Write About the Big Apple
A Poem as Big as New York City: Little Kids Write About the Big Apple
In the best-selling tradition of This is New York and My New York, this delightful book-length poem spreads the wonder and joy that is New York, as told through the words of its children. As part of an unprecedented series of workshops, New York City public school students were challenged to write about what it was like to live, learn, and play in New York City. The poems were collected and edited into this book. Their words provide readers of all ages an honest, kid’s-eye view of the melting pot of cultures, ideas, and excitement found within the five boroughs of New York City.Masha D’yans’s beautiful illustrations complement the vivid descriptions of taking a taxi through Manhattan or a subway up to the "boogie-down" Bronx, the salty seas of Staten Island, passing the family-owned stores that form the backbone of Queens, walking through Brooklyn’s Botanical Gardens, and so much more.Lyrical, heartfelt, and bursting with imagination, A Poem as Big as New York City proves that a poem can be as vast and exciting as the greatest city in the world.

James Whitcomb Riley Bust
James Whitcomb Riley Bust
James Whitcomb Riley was a writer and poet from the state of Indiana who wrote articles and books which spanned over 40 years. He was known as the Hoosier Poet because he was from Indiana and most of his poems used places from the Hoosier state. Riley was born in Greenfield, In in 1849 and was named James Whitcomb after the Governor of Indiana for whom his father was best friends with. Before enrolling in elementry school, Riley's mother taught him how to read and write. When he went to school at the age 5, he found it hard to learn and was constantly getting in trouble. He never had anything good to say of his teachers except for the last teacher he had. His named was Lee Harris and Harris saw the potential in Riley and his love of poetry and writing. He was the first person to beleive in Riley and encouraged Riley to persue that love. The last grade Riley would complete was 8th grade, and that was because he was 21 years old. In 1890, and article was published saying that his lack of school is what made him a great childerens writer. His poems were written for the common people by not using big words, and childeren were able to understand his writing. Riley would strt writing poems when he was a kid and had many influences. His father would bring home many troubled childeren to help them out. He wrote his famous poem Little Orphant Annie from a 12 year old girl named Allice his mother brought in. It was name Little Orphant Allie but was misprinted in the paper. Little Ragged Man was written based on a German man his parents brought in to help out around the house. His mother would read him stroies of trolls and demons and fairytales which he would add in a few of his poems. The Educater was a poem about an educated by mean teacher he had in school. He wrote 2 poems called the Barefoot Boy and The Swimming Hole which is about his time as a kid spent as Brandywine Creek which was down the road from his house. He started learning more about the state of Indiana by all the travelers his father took in. He would use many of their stories to describe Indiana and this is where he was starting to become the Hoosier Poet. By the age of 21, Riley would become very bitter with his father who returned from the Civil War half paralyzed. His father, unable to work, would become unsatisfied with Rileys writing and tell him to stop writing and get a real job so he could help out. Problems with his father would force Riley to move out of his house by the age of 21 and persue his career alone. When he moved out, Riley took a job as a painter but still couldnt pay his bills. He moved to nearby Rushville where he was a bible salesman. Still having trouble on his own, he moved back to Greenfield where he opened his own painting and sign making business. Riley was finally making ends meet, but part of him was missing, his love for writing. He would send his writings to his brother in Indianapolis who would then send them to the local paper where they would be published. In 1872, he would join a traveling group that would travel the state and the country reading their poems to the locals. Riley was finally doing something he loved. In 1874, Riley returned to Greenfield and started sending his poems to famous poets hoping to get more national notoriety. He sent poems to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and John Towledge who he considered to be the greatest poets of the time. Towledge sent a letter back saying he loved his poems and they were great writing and to keep writing. Riley would carry that letter everywhere he went the rest of his life. He then started selling his poems to newpapers hoping to get a job offer. He was soon hired by the Indianapolis Journal and relocated to Indianapolis. As a writer for the paper, Riley was starting to make a living but still wanted more. He took back to the travelling circuit where he was more noticable and was starting to be known by many famous meetings. Along with the group he was traveling with, they were invited to the White House in Washington DC by President Grover Cleveland. Cleveland would ask Riley if he would be one of the few guys to stand up and speak to the dinataries and when the dinner was over, he invited Riley back to the White House for a one on one meeting. In 1888, friend Benjamin Harrison ran for presidnet of the United States and Riley endoorsed him and helped fund raise since they were both from Indianapolis. Harrison would win the Presidency. After the election, Riley returned to the road traveling and reading but this time as a solo act. He was finally the main ticket. All of his shows sold out and usually had to turn others away. Riley was making more now then he has ever made. Riley would end his touring and move back home in 1894 when his father died. Riley, who had never married or had childeren started treating his nieces and nepews as his own byt giving them big gifts on a regular basis. He bought his ch
For this week's Illustration Friday theme: Poem. In middle school, I got hooked on Dorothy Parker. Something about her dark humor really caught my eye. My English teacher said that she knew I'd like Parker. I'm not really sure what that implied. Anyway, "I might as well live" comes from Parker's poem "Resume".
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Teachers Students & Education Specialists - The Poems
Please enjoy browsing the complete list of titles, listed in the click-able index created by the author, via the "Look Inside" feature provided by Amazon Books.

Nearly twenty years of poetry writing is represented in this full edition of six dozen Teachers, Students, and Education Specialist poems.

The educational process and experience has meant a great deal to the author of nearly a dozen eBooks.

"As valuable as being the first in my family to finally go to college and graduate, was the immense value of my arts and humanities education at the University of Houston Clear Lake."

Having also studied in fitness and yoga, Adan's website mission is to integrate a lifelong interest in the arts, fitness, and yoga. The spectrum of poetry and other subjects in Adan's eBooks clearly show this integration of interests is progressing.

Many varied titles are included in this volume, in keeping with Adan's eclectic interests. Teacher poetry titles include, "Elementary School Teacher" - "ESL Teacher" - "Fitness Teacher" and "Kindergarten Teacher."

Students and Education Specialists of a wide and varied nature are also included. Titles include "Drill Team" - "Honor Roll" - "Choir Director" - "Librarian" and "School Bus Driver"

Adan and his wife Sheila enjoyed selling gift copies of these poems for over a decade in malls and arts shows, and now are proud to present this collection, with additional new work, in today's new eBook format.

For a full listing of all available ebook titles, please visit the Adan's Amazon Author's Page, at :