by: Sarah V. "Ginger" Whitley

Published Poet


Why Use Us!

I am a published poet and will compose a one of a kind poem for you for any occasion.(marriage, birth, death, special events, love poem, poems for pets,etc..) I love poetry and write about people, places, nature, religion, or any special event or events. I have numerous poems published and have written numerous war related poetry.

I would love to see the youth of this country get more involved in the Arts. Poetry was once only available to the wealthy, and to the persons that could read. The children today don't get much experience with the art of poetry, I would love to see this change. Poetry is food for the soul!

Our Experience Shows!

I am a retired deputy treasurer for the finance department of the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia. I was nominated into the employee Hall of Fame in 1987. I retired after almost 32 years. I have written poetry all my life and am dedicating my time to write a children's book about fairies, and a book of my poetry.

I am a member of the International Society of Poets, and I have numerous poems published that you can view on this site. I was nominated for best poem & poet by the International Society of Poets for the years of 2001, 2002 and 2003.  

I was honored to receive a autographed picture and a thank you letter signed by the then first lady Laura Bush for the poem 'Ground Zero' , that I wrote to honor the 911 victims and their families. 

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