After the 9/11 attacks, the art of POEMEDY™ was created for advocacy & edutainment.  SH7's mentor from law school is one of America’s leading capital punishment defense experts – which inspired him to write his first POEMEDY™ about the death penalty.  

Since 2003, Shakespeare N. Haarlem, has been raising awareness about the death penalty & freedom of speech violations in the United States.  Learn more about the  Tour?

"Summer Hill Seven once again is pushing the boundaries of political correctness.  He is truly one of the most important voices of our time."

~ Karen Hunter,  Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist & bestselling author.

"Squircular! makes me imagine what Antwon Fisher’s book might have been if he had managed to combine his book of poetry and his memoir; both Fisher and Seven’s stories are beautifully triumphant and yet only one is Poemedy."

David Lamb, writer/producer

"Well done in capturing the Orwellian

 sense of our modern politics."

~ Dr. Saladin M. Ambar, Professor of Political Science

"Summer Hill Seven is a marvel and 

his journey is admired, indeed."

~ Adrian Hall, award-winning actor, director and playwright


The POEMEDY™ Trilogy 

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SQUIRCULAR: An Actor's Tale!


LESSON # 1 - The Art of Gratitude



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