The BandlweBear

The unique Inkle Loom

For 2000 years, combs made of one piece have been used for weaving ribbons. And since 2000 years they have been trying to thread the threads through the slits and holes.

But that is now over, because now there is the BANDLWEBEAR, where the comb consists of two parts and instead of threading in the threads they are simply inserted. The comb is then locked with a locking part.

Instruction 1/2

Instruction 2/2

The cost for a BandlweBear is EUR 45,-- + shipping costs

Shipping costs per piece

  • EUR 4.00 for Austria.
  • EUR 9,90 for Germany
  • EUR 18.92 for USA
  • other countries on request.

Meanwhile the weaving comb is also available in neutral white, which is less irritating than a red one, especially with coloured ribbons.

If you would like to buy one, please transfer the corresponding price + shipping costs to my account:

Sparkasse Waldviertel Mitte: BIC: SPZWAT21XXX , IBAN: AT40 2027 2000 0040 7106


to my PayPal account

Please let me know by email if you want the web comb in red or white and to which address I should send the package. Of course you can also contact me any time with a question by email or you simply call +43 2828 50071.

Open comb

Instead of threading through the threads, they are simply placed in the slots of the open comb.

Comb locked

The comb is then locked with a locking part.

The comb remains standing

For weaving you do not move the comb but you lift and lower the ribbon.

This is made possible by a 3D printer with which the two halves of the comb can be produced so precisely that they fit perfectly into each other. To print a comb, the printer takes more than 2 hours, all other parts are made of wood and are handmade.


  • warp beam
  • wood weight
  • base
  • warp strip
  • weaver shuttle
  • Web comb closure
  • Weaving comb lower part
  • 10 rubber rings, 5 toothpicks, 4 silicone feet
  • Detailed instructions

If you want to reorder parts you can find the complete spare parts list here