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What is Steampunk and Retrofuturism?
Steampunk incorporates technology and aesthetics inspired from the 19th century steam powered machines.

Retrofuturism is showing depictions of the future produced in an earlier era, retro style with future technology.

       Izzy                                    Bubo                                        Victoria    
                          The Steamer, 95Spider and SteamPod Batman inspired Vehicles

At Podpadstudios we love Steampunk and Retrofuturism.Our aim is to build the largest collection of Steampunk and Retrofuturistic machines in the UK.New auditions for 2016 will be a full size Steampunk Batmobile based on the 'Tumbler', a working Steampunk Bat bike based on the Bat Pod and a 10metre high Steampunk animatronic dragon.  The genre is so much fun to work with and allows a huge amount of artistic licence. Creating work that qualifies as Steampunk is a challenge. Careful consideration needs to be given to both the style and function, attention to detail is everything.

Izzy She is styled around the iconic R2D2 from Starwars but with a unique Victorian twist, she is steam powered.
The steam power is an illusion as Izzy is crammed full of technology. The steam effects are generated from our custom made mist generators. She features a very sophisticated animatronic core system which operates gears, leavers and a multitude of bits and bobs creating an authentic steam powered look. All her drive functions are controlled via radio control such as head movement, ability to move from horizontal to vertical incline, and much more. Izzy has her own unique character and is one of most requested event robots. 

Bubo is a replica of the owl from the 1980's film, Clash of the Titans. He is fully aniatronic featuring moving wings, eyes, beak and head and reacts to sensors built into his head. Bubo is a recent addition to Podpadstudios collection but has certainly made a hit at every event he has attended. 

Victoria is one of our full size radio control Daleks from the BBC series DrWho. The design takes its cues from Dalek Caan, but a Steampunk version of it with mechanical as opposed to organic mutant pulling leavers to operate the Dalek machine. She feature huge amounts of technology including built in FPV camera systems for remote monitoring, rotating water jet Gatling gun, an impressive steam system and a sound system most modern cars would lust after. Victoria certainly makes an entrance at every event due to her massive size and alternative design.

'The Steamer' Bat mobile  Our Bat mobile, a Steampunk version of the famous Tumbler Bat mobile will be available for hire at events early 2016 . It is a full sized prop measuring nearly 3m x 5m. Its massive presence at events will certainly draw the crowds and we can boast that it is the only one in the world. It features a fully animatronic batman as the driver, stunning Steampunk effects and interior design, massively powerful sound system and lots of other great effects. The interior has also been optimised for visually impaired children, fitted with brail tablets which trigger a sequence of great sounds.

'The Steam Pod ' The Steam Pod is a Steampunk take on the Bat Pod motorcycle from the Dark Knight series of films. It is a full size prop with working lights and a great platform to pose from. At 12ft long it is also a great compliment to the Steamer at any event.

'95Spider' Bat mobile
This is our latest 2017 Batman inspired vehicle. Heavily influenced from the 1995 Batman Forever movie. It is a full size hybrid, part Bat mobile and part Retrofuturism Mad Max sports car. The exterior of the vehicle is very Retrofuturistic with the interior offering some very traditional Steampunk features.
We describe this vehicle as a sculpture in light.

Steampunk Dino Dino is a 10m high animatronic Steampunk Dinosaur. There is really not much more to say, Steam effects and a stunning personality.

At Podpadstudios we have a large Steampunk collection including our very own Steampunk Tardis. Please see the Blog for other Steampunk work.

Steampunk projects already confirmed for late 2016 are the new Mad Max inspired series of working film cars all created in our unique Steampunk way.

You dream it we build it