Emy: R6:E1 Emy was one of the very first full size radio controlled robots produced by the studios. She was designed to be taken to public events and be able to deal with all the rough and tumble of public life. She has attend hundreds of charity events and featured in hundred of tagged Facebook pictures. To see how she was designed and build check out her build Blog. Emy got her name from the fact that she was built so quickly. At the time we were a member of the US R2D2 builders group. Some of the member were so impressed with the fast build time they said we should be given an Emmy award, hence her name, Emy

Zoe: R11:E1 Zoe followed on shortly after Emy. We wanted to build a very hi-tech Droid with every gadget and feature that could possible be packed into such a robot. The cut away body sections also help with the hi-tech look as do the hundred os LED's and glow in the dark paint.
Zoe's name developed from the TV series Caparica, the prequel to BattleStar Galactic. The female charater 'Zoe' in the show was converted into a Cylon, her soul was captured inside the robots metal body. Paying homage to this our Zoe has a scrolling red Cylon eye just below the head.

R4 Corsham: This robot was build for a local charity group to help raise money for children. He was built as a static prop, however, the head turned.LED's glowed and a made droid noises. He had a coin slot in his head so people could place money into his head after they had their photos taken. As far as I know he is still doing the rounds raising money for Charity. 

C.I.D: C.I.D was based on the T3:M4 old republic droid from Starwars. The reason we wanted to make this droid is that no one else had built one, certainly not full size and not in the UK. The final build is huge and he certainly has a presence at public events. To make him even more unique he features some very hi-tech kit. His head is fully animatronic responding to people though a number of sensors that run a series of programs. He uses an FPV tracking system that allows his head movements to be controlled by the operator head wearing FPV goggles.

K7 of 9 We had previously built two three quarter scale K9's but with this full sized K9 wanted to create something a bit different. The Star Trek Borg assimilation seemed logical and K7 of 9 was born. All his extra Borg implants are animatronic and functions in a similar way to the original DrWho K9.

All of the robots designs feature full radio control drive systems and are controlled via a single operator. The automated features of all of the robots can be over ridden by the operator via the radio link. Some of the robots feature dual control allowing one operator to control the movement of the robots and the second operator to control the on board features. 

You dream it we build it