Prop and Model making
Podpadstudios has been making models and props for many years. In the early years we specialised in making replica robots, Droids and Daleks for 
Sci-fi conventions and exhibited our work both Nationally and Internationally. The Robots from Podpadstudios have raised thousands of pounds for Charity and are well known in the Sci-fi community for producing unusual and unique robot designs.
In 2015 Podpadstudios became a more commercial venture building upon its considerable portfolio of props and models plus our desire and passion to build outstanding props and models for events and exhibitions. We currently supply most of the larger UK events and conventions with our work and always feel proud to belong to such a great community. 
We build props and models, it is our passion. 
If you feel you would like an unusual prop or feature for your event browse through our collection or contact us to see what is in the pipeline.

We are always interested in supporting Children's based Charity events, plus no expenses will be charged.
As well as our hire service the studio will consider any prop or model making project you might have from the smallest hand held prop to a full theatrical set design. 
We have always specailised in animatronic, moving, props and models and are always very enthusiastic to here from you about these kind of projects.
We work with a variety of materials, the more unusual and alternative the better and offer a full design service.
In 2016 the studio started to venture into the construction of film vehicles and currently has a number of vehicles in our portfolio for viewing or hire.
There are no consultation fees or quote fees, simply email or ring and discus your project and we will get back to you with a quote, no obligation.
We offer great value being a fledgling studio who are prepared to price projects realistically.
Being a small studio we will always offer you that personal touch and ensure that your project is completed to the very highest standard.
Please feel free to follow the page links above and below and browse through our General and specialist collections. 

Hire a prop for your event
We are building a considerable collection of items that are available for hire at your events. 
Please note we do not dry hire meaning there will always be a member of the studio team accompanying the prop.
We also do not hire out replica work to comic or film cons only original pieces. 
Our Bat Mobiles for example are not replicas of the famous cars but instead props which we have designed and built with inspiration taken from the original film vehicles giving the viewer recognisable elements to relate back to the films but offering a totally new experience. 
All our Star Wars and DrWho inspired robots are all unique, not just copies of existing film or TV props.
We are currently building the largest collection of Steampunk/Retrofuturist machines in the UK.

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