If you would like to book any of our props or models for your events please make sure you include the following
 information in your email to us.

    Important Information

    Name of Event Organiser...........

    Name of Event................

    Location of Event...............

    Date of Event.............................

    Number of Days event runs over..........
     Bookable Items: 2015/16

    Zoe. R11:E1
(Fully animatronic)
    Emy R6:E1 (Fully animatronic)     
    C.I.D .T3:E1 
(Fully animatronic)
    K7 of 9. Assimilated K9 DrWho 
(Fully animatronic)
    Izzy. Steampunk Droid 
(Fully animatronic)
    Vic. Steampunk Dalek (Fully animatronic)  6ft high
    Steampunk Tardis
    Steampunk Steamer Batmobile.    9ft x 15ft. (Radio control)
    Futurist/Steampunk 95Spider Batmobile 23ft x 7ft (Drivable Vehicle)
    Steampunk Bat Bike, The Steam Pod     12ft x 3ft. 
    Steampunk Dinosaur      5m high   
    Full size Tardis DrWho     Over 6ft high
    Phoenix Harry Potter(Fully animatronic)  
    Hedwig Owl in cage Harry Potter 
(Fully animatronic)
    Clash of the Titans Bubo 
(Fully animatronic)
    Selection of Sci-fi screen weapons, non firing
    Selection of Starwars and Dr Who inspired props to handle
    Full size Star Gate.
4m high

 Booking Fees and Terms and Conditions
Please note we do not supply replica props to comic or film cons. Props that are available are all unique and take inspiration from many film and TV sources providing your audience with something very different.
We charge a very small booking fee for each hired item which simply covers expenses, there are no hidden charges or deposits, just one flat fee. Fees available on application.  The larger items have a higher fee, however, their impact with regards to pulling in the crowds to your event will be significant. All our props are accompanied with an operator and all insured and covered under our PLI, we do not dry hire any of our props or models. We do not allow third party charging for any photos in, around or on any of our props and reserve all rights. Where third parties  are explicitly setting up photoshoots and charging for photos and are hiring for this purpose we will charge an additional hire fee to cover any damages that may occur. Please note that only children are permitted to sit in selected film vehicles.
 We would also ask that you allow us to collect for Charity if requested.
Please note if booking one of our film vehicles that provision will need to be made at you venue for the item to delivered by truck or trailer and suitable parking will need to be arranged. 
We reserve the right to cancel any booking but will always give 24hrs notice where possible and will return the deposit if we have made the cancelation. On all bookings 50% of the booking fee is payable in advance. Bookings will not be final until this fee is received 10 days before the event. 

Depending on distance from our base in Wiltshire we charge no fee for Children's based Charities and have five rebooked Charity events per year. Please contact us to pre book your charity event. 

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