Core Self Nominations

POD Network News
Fall 2010

POD Members who have been members for at least three years are invited to consider submitting their name as a candidate to the POD Core Committee.  The Core Committee is the primary governing body of POD and functions as its board of directors.  Each member serves for a period of three years, beginning the fall after the Core Committee election has occurred.  Members are expected to attend all of the six meetings that occur during their term plus the spring Core meeting in 2011, for a grand total of seven Core meetings. 

To nominate yourself, please send your candidate's statement to the POD office at  Statements must be received by November 10, 2010.  Your statement should include:  Name, title, institution; background in professional and organizational development (300 word limit); and response to the question:  What would you like to see POD accomplish over the next three years?  (300 word limit). 

Contact the POD office or the chair of the POD Nominations and Elections Committee, Mike Theall, with any questions.