Menges Award Recipients

This page contains a list of the past Menges Award Recipients.  When possible links are provided that connect with the slides or subsequent publications.

  • Assessing and Re-invigorating GTA Programs: Pivotal Events in GTA Experience
    • Kathleen Smith, University of Georgia 
      • Smith, K., (2004). "Teaching Assistants: Teaching Competencies of Future Faculty Through Technology," in David G. Brown, ed., Developing Faculty to Use Technology: Programs and Strategies to Enhance Teaching. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
  • Faculty Development: A Lever for Faculty Involvement in Change
  • Motivating Students to Learn in Large Classes
  • Beyond Bean Counting: Making Faculty Development Needs Assessment More Meaningful
    • Corly Brooke & Pamela Patterson, Iowa State University
      • Milloy P. M. & Brooke C. (2004). Beyond bean counting: Making faculty development needs assessment more meaningful. In C. Wehlburg & S. Chadwick-Blossey (Eds.) To Improve the Academy, Vol 22. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
  • Interpreting Dreams of Future Professoriate: Trend Analysis of 750 Current Job Descriptions
    • Dieter Schonwetter & Lynn Taylor, University of Manitoba
  • Critical Thinking--Assessing What is Hard to "See"
    • Peggy Weissinger, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
      • Weissinger P. (2004). Critical thinking, metacognition, and PBL. In T. O. Seng (Ed.) Problem-based learning. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada: Thomson Learning, Inc.
  • Vision to Reality: Evaluating Instructional Interventions that Prepare Future Professoriate
    • Donna Ellis, Dieter Schonwetter, & Martha Roberts, University of Waterloo
  • International Perspectives on Faculty Development: A Vision for Practice
    • Kathleen P. King, Fordham University & Patricia Lawler, Widener University
      • King, K.P. & Lawler, P. A. (2003). New Perspectives on Designing and Implementing Professional Development for Teachers of Adults. New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, 98. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
      • Lawler, P. & King, K.P. (2004). Making the grade: Recommendations from the field for new professional developers. Journal of Continuing Higher Education 52 (3), 36-45.
  • Documenting the Academic Culture: A Teaching Center Research Project
    • Anita Gandolfo, US Military Academy
  • Effective Teachers' Conceptions of Teaching in a Research-Intensive University
  • Simulation: Linking Theory with Practice
    • Cato, M., Lasater, K., & Peeples, A.I. (2009). Student nurses' self-assessment of their simulation experiences. Nursing Education Perspectives, 30(2), 105-108
    • Dillard, N. Sideras, S., Ryan, M., Hodson-Carlton, K., Lasater, K., & Siktberg, L. (2009). A collaborative project to apply and evaluate the clinical judgment model through simulation. Nursing Education Perspectives, 30(2), 99-104.
    • Lasater, K. (2007). High fidelity simulation and the development of clinical judgment: Student experiences. Journal of Nursing Education, 46, 269-276.
    • Lasater, K. (2007). Clinical judgment development: Using simulation to create an assessment rubric. Journal of Nursing Education, 46, 496-503.
    • Lasater, K., & Nielsen, A. (2009). The influence of concept-based learning activities on students' clinical judgment development. Journal of Nursing Education, 48(8), 441-446.
    • Lasater, K. (2011). Clinical judgment: The last frontier for evaluation. Nurse Educator in Practice [online]. doi:10.1016/j.nepr.2010.11.013.
    • Lasater, K. & Nielsen, A. (2009). Reflective journaling for development of clinical judgment. Journal of Nursing Education, 48, 40-44.
    • Hollingsworth, C., Devanna, D., Lasater, K., & Gavilanes, J. (2008). New technology in nursing staff development: Choosing, justifying, and implementing nontraditional teaching methods. Marblehead, MA: HCPro, Inc.
    • Seropian, M. Dillman, D., Lasater, K., & Gavilanes, J. (2007). Mannequin-based simulation to reinforce pharmacology concepts: Where theory meets practice. Simulation in Healthcare, 2(4), 218-233.