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Intersections of Identity, Teaching, and Learning: LGBT Issues and Student Success


Beyond Words: Using Visual Models to Analyze and Communicate 
Critically Reflective Teaching: Excavating Assumptions and Practices
Designing Courses around Authentic Performance Tasks
Difficult Dialogues: Gateways to Diversity
Faculty as Co-Creator: 'Instituting' Faculty Development through Problem-Based Learning Communities
Getting Started: POD Workshop for New Faculty Developers
How's it Going? Reflecting on our Work 
New Directions for Faculty Developers: Starting Out in Leadership Development
Professional Development for Part-time Faculty
Supporting the Professional Development of Consultants through all Career Stages
Understanding the learning process as the gateway to better teaching
Working with psychologically impaired faculty: Finding new directions

Interactive Sessions

A New Three Track System for Department Chairs: Policy, Leadership, Dialogue
A POD Grant Study Investigating Program Assessment Practices at Established TLCs
A Whole New Mindset: Environmental Sustainability in the Curriculum
Assessing Faculty Development and Its Impact
Assessing the History Component within a General Studies Program
Assessing Visual Representations of Learning: State of the Process
Beyond Our Gates: Preparing for Emerging Trends in Higher Education
Big History: Faculty Development for an Innovative Freshman Seminar
Brave New World: Innovative Models for Integrating Pedagogy and Technology 
Building Community and Increasing Capacity for Significant Institutional 
Building Learning Teams to promote ACTIVE LEARNING in Large Classes
Carving New Passageways in Educational Development and Leadership
Center Leadership of Campus-wide Reform Initiatives: Challenges and Opportunities
Classification of Teaching/Learning Development Units: Marking the Pathways
Combining resources for educational development: Strategies to enhance college writing 
Completing the Loop in Teaching & Learning Center Program Evaluation
Connecting Communities of Practice through Interdisciplinary Faculty Development 
Controversial Conversations: Engaging Students and Faculty
Creating Individual Philosophies of Practice Statements as Educational Developers
Creating Logic Models to Evaluate Faculty Development 
CTL Leaders: An Evolving Faculty Network and Leadership Development Program
Decoding Emotional Resistance: Challenging Student Preconceptions in the History Classroom
Developing and Maintaining the HBCU Faculty Development Network
Different Gateways for Microteaching: Minus Film, but Much Feedback 
Difficult Dialogues in the Classroom: Including All Voices
Discovering Solutions to Online Learning Barriers: Survey of EU Health-Educators
Don Wulff Lives On: Using Alignment to Improve TA Training
Educational Developers as Managers: New Directions in Leadership
Educational Development as a Framework for Outcomes Assessment
Effective Teaching among Nontenure-Track Faculty: How Discipline Matters 
Effectively Dealing with the Difficult Colleague
Encouraging Adaption: A Continuum of Team Based Learning 
Encouraging Diversity Inclusivity in All Courses: Developing New Approaches
Engaging Faculty in Outcomes Assessment
Facing Harsh Economic Realities, Faculty Learning Communities Bring Statewide Solutions 
Faculty Development and Institutional Administrators: How They Can Help Each-Other
Faculty Enrichment: A Model for Connecting Pedagogy, Sponsored Research, and Scholarship
Fundraising for Faculty Development, Bit by Bit
Gateway to a Learner-Centered Campus: Faculty-Administration Collaboration
Gateway to New Directions: Expanding Faculty Development Beyond Instructional Development
Gateway to the East? Professional renewal using the Chakra system
Gateway to the Workings of the Learner's Mind 
Gateways to Civically Engaged Learning: SoTL and Citizenship Education
Gateways to Trust: Applying the Affective Domain to Faculty Development 
Growing Sustainability in the Ecologies of Academe
Helping faculty motivate and engage students through a faculty development workshop
Identifying Good Practice in Crisis Management
Identifying opportunities and challenges in community-engagement projects 
I'm Teaching What? Strategies for Teaching Unfamiliar Material
Integrating Signature Pedagogies into a Professional Development Framework 
Interactive, Video-Enhanced Workshops - Gateway to the 'Faculty Voice'
Investigating Our Blind Spot: Lessons from Nonparticipating Faculty
Justifying Your Existence in Times of Scarcity & Uncertainty
Launching into educational technology from a base of established teaching strategies
Layering curricular strategies: Integrating service-learning and small group dynamics 
Life on the margins: Fruitful territory for faculty developers?
Making student research more meaningful - teaching students to improve Wikipedia 
Midterm Feedback: Moving from Student Complaints to Meaningful Instructional Recommendations
Moving down the trail to effective use of peer consulting
Naming Our Theoretical Roots: Gateway to Reflective Practice
New Directions in Faculty Development
New Directions through Curriculum Redesign
New Gateways and the Continued Significance of Race in Graduate Education
New Partnerships for Collaborative Creation of Online Faculty Development Resources
No-Win Situation? : Effecting Change in Limited-Control Classroom Environments 
One Up, One Down: Intergroup Dialogues as Gateways to Change
Opening New Gateways to Diversity in Higher Education
Out of the rut: Dispelling faculty preconceptions of their students
Overcoming Inertia: Campus-Wide Change Strategies for Improving Teaching
Overcoming the 'sticky wicket' of assessing faculty development events
Pathfinding Through the Program Assessment Wilderness
Practicing What We Preach: Transforming Workshop Design and Assessment
Providing Early-Career Faculty with Multiple Gateways to Professional Development
Publicity 2.0: Creating an Efficient Publicity Machine
Quality by Design, A New Direction for Course Design
Re-Energizing Faculty Development in Lean, Turbulent Times
Rethinking Evaluation of Teaching at the University of Notre Dame
Revolution or Evolution? Social Technologies and Pedagogical Change
Social Capital and Your Campus Community: Gateways to New Analysis
Speed Networking and Speedstorming: Speed Dating Adaptations for Small Colleges
St. Louis Arch Illusion at Work: When Thinking Misleads Students 
Starting & Sustaining Faculty Development at Small Colleges, Part 1
Starting & Sustaining Faculty Development at Small Colleges, Part 2
Structured Gateways for Graduate & Professional Students: A Revised Taxonomy
Student and Faculty Perceptions of Academic Misconduct in Higher Education
Student Consultants: Gateway to New Directions In Faculty Development 
Student Ratings of Teaching: Passing through the Online Gateway
Supporting Faculty in Educating Global Citizens
Teaching Centers as Teaching Advocates: Navigating University Politics 
Teaching Scholars: A Gateway to a Consortium Exchange
The "Zen" of Employing Graduate Students Wisely 
The Imaginative Leap: Empathy and Cooperative Development in Classroom Pedagogy
The Ithaca Faculty Commons: Web 2.0 Gateway to Faculty Development
The Lively Discussion: Discussion Protocols for F2F & Online Classes
The Role of Teaching Centers in Improvement of Engineering Education
Thinking Critically, Creatively and Deeply About Interactive Lectures
Transformative faculty development: A new model and paradigm
UDL@UVM: A Collaborative Consultation Model for Faculty Development and Course Design
Uncovering the Heart in Higher Education
Understanding Faculty Practice and Perspective for a Learning-Centered Campus
Using Metacognition to Foster Students: Disciplinary Thinking and Writing Skills
Using Multi-institutional Collaboration to Unleash the Potential of Senior Faculty
Using Personas to Convey Research Findings and to Motivate Professional Development
Using Small Group Individual Diagnosis to Improve Online Instruction
Using SoTL Faculty Retreats to Increase Research Productivity 
What's Real? What Can We Do?: Teaching Centers' New Direction
Writing about Educational Development Issues for a Broader Audience

Roundtable Discussions

Advice on Getting Published in To Improve the Academy
Appreciative Inquiry in Higher Education
Beyond Skill Building: Humanistic and Transpersonal Dimensions of Faculty Development
Creating a Cohort of Faculty Development Champions
Developing Assessment Instruments as Gateways to Enhanced Educational Development Practice
Engaging Faculty in Discussions about Intellectual Climate
Entrepreneurship Programs as Graduate Student Professional Development
Expanding the Arch of Faculty Development through Part-Time Faculty Involvement
Gateway to Aligning Learning Outcomes with Employer Feedback 
Gateways to Collaboration: Engaging Faculty in a Culture of Isolationism
Graduate Student Perspectives on a Faculty Development Career
Learning to Think Small in Faculty Development
Managing the Changing Learning Space: Understanding Faculty in Transition
New Approaches to Helping Graduate Students Write Teaching Philosophy Statements
New Lenses, New Directions: Seeing our Audience with Fresh Eyes
Not all methods are created equal: Insight from the atypical
Organizing Faculty Development Programming Using Communities of Practice and FLCs
Promoting High-Impact Learning Practices Through New Faculty Orientation
Role of Teaching and Learning Centers in Transforming Institutional Culture
Serving Our Veterans With Disabilities: Faculty Development and Best Practices
Social Gatherings: New Frontiers for Faculty and Organizational Development
Students and Course Evaluations: What are They Thinking? 
Supporting Future Faculty Developers Through Graduate Internships
Syllabus Templates: Blending Faculty and Administrative Needs
Technology, Technology Coordinator, and Faculty Development: Chutes & Ladders
Universities with Moral or Religious Missions: Faculty Development Implications
Within/Between: Creating Community in Community College Faculty Development Centers 

Poster Presentations

A new e-syllabus preparation system; for collaborative PDCA cycle
A Pedagogy Course's Influence on Graduate Students' Self-Awareness as Teacher-Scholars
Assessing our 'Assessment Briefs' as a faculty development tool
Building the Culture for Continuous Innovation
Compressed Workweeks, Expanded Workdays: Campus Reactions to the Four-Day Workweek 
Developing an Online Instructional Resources Website: What, Why, How
Development of Teaching-Units by Research-Based Teaching Improvement: A Collaborative Approach
Devising Inclusive Professional Enhancement Resources for Dispersed Faculty
Digital Case Stories for Faculty Development
Dissemination of Teaching Portfolio in Japan
Do Faculty Beliefs about Teaching Predict their Professional Development Choices?
Expanding Leadership Development for Faculty: Current Trends & Future Issues
Floodgates to Gateways: Supporting a Growing Population of Adjuncts 
Innovation and Students: How Do They Respond?
Internationalizing A Master's Program in Chemistry
New Faculty Mentoring: Shaping Institutional Culture By Cohort
Not your ordinary Annual Report: Delivering assessment to the University
Preparing Future-Faculty and Improving Teaching at X and Community Colleges
Preparing New Professors for a Research University's Teaching Mission
Preparing tomorrow's faculty: Tufts' Graduate Institute For Teaching
Socialization Experiences Resulting from Engineering Teaching Assistantships at Purdue University
Student Talk in Study Groups: Discourse Study in General Chemistry
Summer Faculty Development Workshops: Retreat and Retread
Supporting Scholarship: A Multitude of Gateways for Faculty Development Centers
The Doctor Is in: Research Consultation from POD Members
The First Year Experience for New Faculty
The Next Generation @IUPUI: Leadership Development for Faculty of Color
X Sustainability Faculty Fellows Program

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