Step by Step Directions for Adding New Pages to WikiPODia

To create or edit a page
  1. Understand what a wiki is and the style guide for WikiPODia.
  2. Sign in to Google using your personal account. (Sign in is at the bottom of a Google page) and go to the place you want a new page/page you want to edit.
  3. Use the appropriate command in the upper right of the page (create or edit) and do your writing.
  4. Save when done, also in the upper right.
Detailed Steps
View these two tutorial movies on setting up the Google account to be a contributor and how to create and edit pages.
  1. If you are not familiar with what a wiki is and how it works, please watch this video from YouTube for a brief introduction: Wiki Explanation Video

  2. Overcome your anxieties. It is normal to feel some hesitation about contributing to a wiki, there may be a feeling of permanence that is usual.  Realize that your contribution to WikiPODia is no different than contributing to a discussion on the POD list-serv.  Thoughts and ideas are developed through the POD list-serv and WikiPODia is not that much different.  If something needs to be modified, it is easy to do.

  3. Complete the contributor form which is sent to the current Wiki Coordinators to request access to add or edit a topic.  You will then receive an invitation email from one of the coordinators with a link to create a Google account. Follow the directions in the email and on the site.  Once you have created an account, you may sign into to the site. Log into your Google Account when you are ready to either start a WikiPODia page or add to a conversation.

  4. Follow the Ground Rules and Guidelines and the Page Format Guidelines set up by the WikiPODia committee.

  5. To create a new page, click the Create page button in the upper right corner of the screen.  Several templates will appear and pick the one you think would work best for your idea, most of the time it will likely be Web Page, and determine the best location for your page within WikiPODia.

  6. To add a comment or modify a preexisting page, click the Edit page button also in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  This will open up a basic word processing function on WikiPODia and you will be able to type your thoughts on the screen.

  7. Once you have made the changes you wish to WikiPODia be certain to click the Save button, situated in the upper right hand corner of the screen and your work will be saved for others to see and modify as needed.

  8. It is strongly encouraged that the creator of a wiki page maintain a copy of updated information from the page (maybe once a week) on their personal computer.  This will serve as a good backup system in case something happens to the WikiPODia.  This is only a data safety precaution, no problems are forseen, but things can happen.

  9. These directions should be able to help you get started with using WikiPODia and become comfortable with this newer format of exchanging ideas.  Feel free to explore other avenues for including content in WikiPODia once you are ready.

Some practical guidelines when reading, contributing new material, or editing existing resources on wikiPODia:

  • Name articles clearly.
  • Write clear, simple prose.
  • Write from a neutral point of view, striving to represent all relevant knowledge on a topic.
  • Cite sources fully using APA style.
  • Pay attention to the structure of a contribution – a well organized resource is much more helpful than a long, random list.
  • Avoid jargon, and recall that POD has members from across the globe. Use acronyms carefully and clarify if there is the possibility of any doubt.
  • Annotate links and references to make them as reader-friendly as possible.
  • Edit for clarity and accuracy.
  • Edit to add examples and to acknowledge complexity – POD is a diverse organization, and issues like institutional context matter a lot.
  • Acknowledge areas of contention or difference.
  • When editing or contributing, be sure your login makes it clear to a contributor or editor who you are – so the other person can ask questions about your writing, if necessary.
  • Consult with a lead WikiPODia contributor or a member of the WikiPODia Working Group if you have questions or concerns.

Eli Collins-Brown,
Jul 13, 2009, 11:54 AM