Ground Rules and Guidelines

WikiPODia is a resource for the POD community, created by members of the POD community. This resource will only be as valuable as we, together, make it. All are welcome to read, to contribute, and to edit. WikiPODia will never be complete, perfect, or unchanging. That’s the nature of a wiki (and of a professional organization like POD).   We see this medium as an effective way to capture the collective wisdom that is often generated in POD listserv discussions, in POD conference sessions, and in the day-to-day work we do.  WikiPODia is both a step beyond beyond these informal or isolated experiences and a step towards (and perhaps prior to) a formal publication. We invite you to accept the medium’s collaborative possibilities and inherent flaws, and contribute what you can to make it a better resource for our community.

WikiPODia is an evolving project. The WikiPODia Working Group is eager for your thoughts about anything and everything related to WikiPODia.

Starting a WikiPODia Topic

  1. Identify a topic of interest to the POD Network (from the listserv discussion, a conference dialogue, or your own experience as a POD member)
    • If the topic already exists, read and contribute. 
    • If no topic exists, go to step 2
  2. Offer to become lead contributor
    • search WikiPODia to ensure that your topic is a new one (and/or find related pages)
    • add yourself and your topic to the Lead Contributors page
    • please complete this form and submit it to the Wiki Coordinators. You will receive an invitation to be a wiki editor within a few days.
    • contact the WikiPODia Coordinator (see the WikiPODia Working Group Members) and let her know you're starting a topic 
  3. If appropriate (and it probably is) recruit some additional contributors to add new information and perspectives to your topic 
  4. Establish your page (see instructions), outlining your topic and some key aspects.  Invite other contributors to help you expand and refine your topic.
  5. Think about announcing your new page (via the listserv and/or POD twitter).

    Contributing to a WikiPODia Topic

    • Search, find, explore the WikiPODia pages to find a topic that matches your interests and expertise - and contribute! 
    • please complete this form and submit it to the Wiki Coordinators. You will receive an invitation to edit the wiki within a few days.
    • Contribute content based on your knowledge, expertise, and experience.  
    • Read and follow the Guidelines for Writing and Editing below and then feel free to make small edits and additions to any page. When you have questions about whether significant changes need to be made to an established topic, contact the lead contributor for the page.
    • If you are new to wikis or need assistance, never hesitate to contact a lead contributor or a member of the WikiPODia Working Group.

    Guidelines for Writing and Editing

    For your reference, here are a few philosophical and practical guidelines to keep in mind when reading, contributing new material, or editing existing resources on WikiPODia:
    • Communicate with others as professionals and treat each other with respect.  Don't be shy. Do be humble; and respectful.  Recognize the limits of any individual’s knowledge, expertise, and experience and celebrate the fact that, by working together, we can create amazing resources.
    • Write clear and direct prose. Avoid or explain jargon.Remember that WikiPODia readers will come from diverse institutions, disciplines, and locations around the world.
    • Take responsibility and credit for your contributions and comments (include at least your full name after each comment you make).
    • When editing an existing text, be careful not to change the substance or tone of something attributed to another author.
    • One of the advantages of wikis is the ability to link to other web pages, including other parts of WikiPODia, to non-POD resources, and to a web page you (or others) created. Please annotate any links you contribute so that a reader will understand why she may (or may not) want to follow a link.
    • Postings on the wiki should be factual and supported by research, cited properly.  Comments about content can express thoughts and feelings, but please indicate that you are expressing an opinion.
    • WikiPODia is an open, knowledge-sharing resource.  While it is acceptable to cite books and other resources that might be purchased, WikiPODia is not intended as a place to endorse or advertise products, services, or consultants/workshop presenters. If you have a question about this (and the lines can be blurry), please contact the WikiPODia Working Group.
    • The WikiPODia Working Group reserves the right to remove content that is deemed to be inappropriate.
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