WikiPODia is Moving!

Dear Colleagues,

Over the past two years, WikiPODia has become an excellent online location for posting and sharing information, research, collaboration, and peer-reviewedknowledge from the POD membership. 

This past fall, much to our horror and delight, we discovered that we had amassed so much material that we had run out of server space in the currentGoogle Sites location (100MB).  So to keep WikiPODia free and easily accessible, and to accommodate significantly more storage space (25GB), we have selected “Google Apps for Education” as the new  home for WikiPODia.

The transition to Google Apps may affect you in one or more ways:

  • From Dec. 15 to Dec. 22, you will not be able to upload any files to WikiPODia. After Dec. 22, the new site will be up and running as normal.  We will be removing individuals' access to the old WikiPODia pages, and moving content to the new space.
  • In order to streamline maintenance of WikiPODia we will also be using Google Groups to add users to WikiPODia.  When you request (or are asked) to edit WikiPODia, you will receive an invitation to a Google Group which will give you permissions to edit those pages.

After the transition to Google Apps, WikiPODia will remain viewable to the public.  However, if you do not have editing access but would like it, please let us know (contact: Jake Glover: or Shane Miner: 

We hope you will join us in celebrating the success and growth of WikiPODia, and pardon our dust as we expand its capabilities.


David Sacks                                         Amy Collier                                         Eli Collins-Brown

Chair ECRC                                          Chair-Elect ECRC                               Past-Chair ECRC

David.Sacks@UKY.EDU                  ACollier@TXWES.EDU                    Elaine.Collins-Brown@WMich.EDU

Welcome to WikiPODia
Shared with everyone in the world  A collaborative resource for the POD Network

WikiPODia is a project of the Electronic Communication and Resource Committee.

Vision:  Our vision for WikiPODia is for it to become a repository of our collective and emergent understanding of our field.  It is meant to be nimble and live, moving us from a smattering of disparate comments to a collective understanding of critical and important topics. Building from conference, listserv and other community initiated conversations we view WikiPODia as an important 'next level' resource for the POD community; providing an intermediate state between the POD listserv discussions and a formal POD publication.

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Supporting our Colleagues in Japan

The Executive Committee in POD has written this letter to show support for our friends and colleagues in Japan as they contend with the recent disasters.

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