Poco Loco?

I bought a Poco Proof Press, #2209, in July 2009.  I had imagined having to clean it up a bit, but it was delivered broken (apparently the movers dropped it), so a fair amount of repair was required.  This site will document what I've learned along the way, plus my attempts to use the press.

There were three varieties of Poco, numbered 0, 1, and 2.  Mine is a type 0, the smallest, with a 12" x 18" bed.  The others have larger beds and apparently a few more features (shock absorbers on the stops, ball bearings on the cylinder shaft).  Despite mine being the smallest model, it's still heavy enough (210 pounds) that I can't move it without assistance.
These presses were originally designed to print proofs from a galley, a relatively quick and dirty job. However, they can be adapted to do fine work with closely controlled registration by adding a separate tympan and frisket.  How fine?  We'll see.  I aim to do this for my press and I'll try to document it thoroughly.
These presses were also designed for hand inking, so they'll never be useful for high-volume production work.  That suits me, but they're not for everyone.