Snydersville Golf Range
**All Pocono Junior Tour registered golfers receive $2 off baskets of range balls (excluding small baskets).**


Mountain Manor:
Through August, all juniors under 15 who play with a paying adult only pay $10 to walk and $15 to ride, daily, after 3:00.
Bethlehem Golf Club: All students under the age of 18 pay just $10 to walk the executive course and $13 to walk the 18-hole Monocacy Course.

Junior Tour Information


Welcome to the 2011 season of the Pocono Junior Golf Tour, sponsored by the Pocono Professional Golf Series and local PGA professionals. When the PPGS took over administration of the Junior Tour 2009, we hoped to increase participating and create more opportunities for young golfers to play and learn the game of golf. We were overwhelmed by the turnout.Last year, we added instructional clinics for the first time and hope to expand them this year.

Any boy or girl between the ages of 10 and 18 who wants to play golf in a fun and competitive environment. Junior golfers do not have to be expert players to participate, but they must have a basic knowledge of the game's rules and etiquette and be able to play 9 or 18 holes on their own (depending on the age division). In the future, we hope to add a "developmental tour" for those junior golfers who are just beginning the game.


To participate this year, the PJGT requires a $10 seasonal registration fee, regardless of the number of events in which you play. There will also be an on-site fee of $10 paid to the host club each week. That $10 covers course fees. Some clubs may provide free snacks and beverages, but this is at the discretion of the individual clubs and their owners. Keep in mind that these clubs are giving up prime tee times for which they charge a lot more money.



Registration will be online only in 2011. Please sign up at least three days in advance to sign up for the week’s tournament. Give your name and age, and if you are 13 or younger, whether you will be playing 9 or 18 holes. Age divisions are listed below. You can move up an age division (from 9 holes to 18 holes), but you cannot move down. Registering in advance helps us with the pairings and is a courtesy to the host clubs. Anyone who misses the first week and the mandatory rules meeting must arrive a half-hour early and meet with one of the PPGS professionals to register for the season and receive rules instructions.



Younger golfers may move up an age division in order to play 18 holes, but ages 14 and older must play 18 holes. At the discretion of the host club, juniors may play in a non-competitive division – call the host professional for information. The PPGS reserves the right to adjust the divisions during the season based on the level of participation.

  • Boys 9-hole division ages 10-11
  • Boys 9-hole division ages 12-13
  • Boys 18-hole division up to age 15
  • Boys 18-hole division ages 16-18
  • Girls 9-hole division ages 10-13
  • Girls 18-hole division up to age 18


Following is a list of the rules of play. Host clubs may modify these rules or add rules specific to their course.

  1. Maximum of 10 strokes per hole (9-hole division only).
  2. No mulligans – all stroke count (including whiffs).
  3. Scorecards must be signed and attested.
  4. Spectators (parents) may not offer instruction or advice on the course.
  5. Participants must walk the course (no carts). Anyone caught riding in a cart will be disqualified.


Results will be available immediately following play and prizes will be awarded. In addition, the PPGS will tabulate the results throughout the season and present end-of-season awards after the final week’s event. A new website, www.PPGSgolf.com is under construction, and we hope to have the results and schedule posted.

Points will accumulate throughout the season. Each junior will receive a point for participation each week, with additional points for placing in the respective age divisions (3 points for first; 2 points for second; 1 point for third). Trophies will be awarded at the season finale in August (date and location TBA).



For members of Anthracite Golf Association clubs, check out www.anthracitegolf.org for the AGA Junior Tour schedule. Check out www.PhillyPGA.com for the PGA Philadelphia Section’s events (including several in the Poconos).


2011 Tour Schedule

2011 Schedule

Thursday, June 16 -- BETHLEHEM GOLF CLUB (Executive Course/Driving Range)
We will hold a half-hour rules program, followed by recreational golf at the City of Bethlehem Executive Course. The cost for golf is $10.
18-holers -- arrive for registration at 8:15 a.m.
9-holers -- arrive for registration at 9:00 a.m.
developmental golfers (nonplayers) -- arrive for instruction at 10:30 a.m.
For Directions: www.BethlehemGC.com

Wednesday, June 22:    SOUTHMOORE            8:00  am
For Directions: www.SouthmooreGolf.com

Thursday, June 30:    SKYTOP            2:00  pm
For Directions: www.Skytop.com

Tuesday, July 5:  SHAWNEE CLINICS  ($10 for instruction)  10:30 am (one hour)

Tuesday, July 5:   SHAWNEE        Noon

Tuesday, July 12:   POCONO MANOR (West Course)   9:00 am

Tuesday, July 19:     MOUNTAIN MANOR    11:00 am

Monday, July 25:   FERNWOOD    9:30 am (NEW TIME)

Tuesday, August 2:    BUCK HILL        3:00 pm

Monday, August 8:    GLEN BROOK      Noon
Format: 9-hole mixed scramble, followed by lunch
Family members are welcome to sign up for the awards lunch.

Wednesday, August 17:     WOODSTONE     11:00 am

Kim Kleinle, PGA Certified Professional/LPGA Teaching Professional
Director, 2011 Pocono Junior Golf Tour

It was a beautiful day at Skytop with tremendous views!








POINTS TOTALS (click here)

Southmoore Results (6-22-11)

18-holers, ages 16-18: Nick Tanacredi, 77; Alex Colton, 80; Kyle Kosman, 83; Ke-Koa Mook, 83

18-holers, ages 15 & under: Jake Kelley, 88; Cormac Salmon, 89; Patrick McGrath, 91

9-holers, ages 14 & up: Zach Halcomb, 54; Ryan McKee, 60

9-holers, ages 12-13: Matthew Keegan, 45; Cody Scully, 47; J.P. Balas, 49

9-holers, ages 11 & under: Tommy Gaudette, 55; Ryan Armstrong, 70

Skytop Results (6-30-11)

 18-Holers, ages 16-18: John Rusbasan, 84; Andrew Hansen, 90; Kyle Kosman, 90; Nick Tanacredi, 90; Brandon Weimer, 95

 18-Holers, ages 15 & under: Jake Kelly, 97; Patrick McGrath, 97; Tanner Franks, 100; Ryan O’Malley, 114

 9-Holers, ages 14-18: Zachary Halcomb, 63; Ryan McKee, 76

9-Hole Boys (ages 12-13): J.P. Balas, 55; Ricky Frinzi, 61; Cody Scully, 63

 Boys 11 & under (7 holes): William Mirams, 33; Duncan Sopko, 44; Sam Gregorich, 45; Ryan Armstrong, 55

 Girls ages 13 & under (9 holes): Krista Kissell, 72

Shawnee Results (7-5-11)

 18-Hole Boys ages 16-18: Nick Tanacredi, 81; Evan Choy, 84; Zach VonZup, 85

 18-Hole Boys ages 15 & under: James O’Hara, 77; Jake Kelley, 83; Steven Pasciak, 86

9-Hole Boys ages 14-18: Zachary Halcomb, 57; Ryan McKee, 58

 9-Hole Boys ages 12-13: J.P. Balas, 46; Ricki Frinzi, 49; Cody Scully, 55; Patrick Sopko, 55

9-Hole Boys ages 11 & under: Tommy Gaudette, 53; Sam Gregorich, 62; Duncan Sopko, 63

9-Hole Girls ages 13 & under: Krista Kissell, 65; Sydney Clothier, 82

Pocono Manor Results 7-12-11

(Note: A number of scorecards had mathematical errors. These are the official corrected results.)

18-Hole Boys 16-18: Ke-Koa Mook, 81; Nick Tanacredi, 81; James O’Hara, 85; Brandon Weimer, 88; Kyle Kosman, 88

18-Hole Boys 15 & under: Cormac Salmon, 93; Patrick McGrath, 94; Parker Hopkins, 95

 9-Hole Teens 14-18: Ryan McKee, 49; Zachary Halcomb, 59

9-Hole Boys 12-13: J.P. Balas, 46; Oliver Whelan, 47; Timothy Gaudette, 48

9-Hole Boys 11 & under: William Mirams, 36; Conor Keegan, 55; Ryan Armstrong, 66

9-Hole Girls, 13 & under: Krista Kissell, 57

Mountain Manor Results (7-19-11)

 18-Hole Boys, ages 16-18: James O’Hara, 79; Ke-Koa Mook, 82; Andrew Hansen, 85

18-Hole Boys, ages 15 & under: Bobby Rigby, 78; Cormac Salmon, 78; Steven Pasciak, 90; Kyler Ruvane, 91

 9-Hole Teens, ages 14-18: Ryan McKee, 56; Zachary Halcomb, 60

9-Hole Boys, ages 12-13: Cody Scully, 44; Brant Weirich, 45; J.P. Balas, 46

9-Hole Boys, ages 11 & under: William Mirams, 44; Tommy Gaudette, 51; Conor Keegan, 53

9-Hole Girls 13 & under: Krista Kissell, 55

Fernwood (7-24-11)


Buck Hill Results (8/2/11)

 18-Hole Boys, 16-18: Jay Ruvane, 78; James O’Hara, 79; Nick Tanacredi, 82

 18-Hole, 15 & under: Patrick McGrath, 79; Cormac Salmon, 79; Jaccob Regenye, 85; Christopher Drysdale, 90

 9-Hole Girls, 13 & under: Krista Kissell, 52

9-Hole Teens, 14-18: Ryan McKee, 54; Zachary Halcomb, 60; David Nicoletta, 62

9-Hole Boys, 12-13: Matthew Keegan, 42; Duncan Sopko, 47; Ricky Frinzi, 47; Cody Scully, 48

 9-Hole Boys, 11 & under: Conor Keegan, 47; Sean Costello, 59; Ryan Armstrong, 73


Glenbrook Results and Seasonal Awards (8-8-11)

 Glenbrook Putting Contest:

Ages 14-18 – Steven Pasciak

Ages 12-13 (tie) – Brant Weirich and Krista Kissell

Ages 11 & under – Conor Keegan


9-Hole Mixed Scramble:

(First) 31 – Nick Tanacredi, Brian Frey, Tyler Boback

(Second) 34 – Patrick McGrath, Brandon Weimer, Matthew Keegan, Patrick La Bella

(Second) 34 – Jake Kelley, Zachary Halcomb, Nicholas Visser

(Second) 34 – James O’Hara, Brendan Murphy, Brant Weirich, Michael Roudbai


Seasonal Awards:

Perfect Attendance -- Nick Tanacredi, Brandon Weimer, Andrew Hansen, Jake Kelley, Zachary Halcomb, Cody Scully, Brian Frey, Patrick La Bella


Low Score

18-holers – 77, Nick Tanacredi and James O’Hara; 78, Bobby Rigby, Cormac Salmon, Jay Ruvane

9-hole boys – 36, William Mirams; 42, Matthew Keegan

9-hole girls – 52, Krista Kissell

9-hole teens – 49, Ryan McKee


Points Leaders --

18-hole boys, 16-18: first, Nick Tanacredi; second, James O’Hara

18-hole boys, 15 & under: first, Cormac Salmon; second, Jake Kelley

9-hole boys, 12-13: first, J.P. Balas; second, Cody Scully

9-hole girls, 13 & under: first, Krista Kissell; second, Sydney Clothier

9-hole boys, 11 & under: first, William Mirams; second, Tommy Gaudette

9-hole teens, 14-18: first (tie) Zachary Halcomb & Ryan McKee


2011 Overall Points Leaders --

Boys (21 points, tie): Zachary Halcomb & Ryan McKee

Girls (20 points): Krista Kissell

Woodstone Results (8-17-11)

9-Holers (scramble)

First (42): Ryan Lord, Patrick La Bella, J.P. Balas

Second (43): Ben McDivitt, Ricky Frinzi, Ryan McKee

Third (44): Sam Ewing, Brendan Murphy, Timothy Visser

Fourth (45): Ryan Armstrong, Zachary Halcomb, Brian Whelan

Fifth (46): Sean Costello, Nicholas Visser, Cody Scully

18-Holers (better ball of partners)

First (tied at 77): Brandon Weimer/Nick Tanacredi and

James O’Hara/Ke-Koa Mook

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