Pimentel Hall UC Berkeley, CA

 A quick look at the rotating lecture hall Pimentel at UC Berkeley

Hailed as the cutting edge in lecture hall technology when built, Pimentel Hall contains a lecture hall with seating for a few hundred, two bathrooms, and a setup area. Highlights of the lecture hall including a revolving stage, which allows for one professor to teach class, one to set up, and one to clean up, thus allowing the room to be used continuously despite the long setup times involved in chemistry lectures. Some professors have also taken advantage of the spinning stage for theatrical effect, rotating into the room with music playing.
The room also features stadium seating, and originally had numerous televisions suspended from the ceiling so students in the back could see what was going on.

Now, Pimentel continues to be among the most high tech of lecture halls, featuring a giant digital projector and webcast facilities. With webcasting, classes have been able to expand beyond the size of lecture hall seating capacities, as not all students are expected to view the lecture in person.  

-Alfred Twu

Video of the rotating stage













Some other facts:  

Seats: 523

Room attributes:    

has a tri-rotating stage
has Assistive listening system

has a projection booth 

has a double wide screen + 1 jumbo screen

has AirBears Connectivity
has Educue Personal Response System
has an intercom and video feed
has an instructor workstation
has a lab bench

has 36 chalkboards (12 per stage)

has 3 projectors (Main + 2 sub for classes which replace the chalkboards with two screens) 



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