Chaos Space Marine

The universe is a dark place; it gets much darker, when you can trust not even your fellow Brothers...

In this page you can see Alessar's Chaos army in action.

Standard Bearer. Poser of the posers.

Chaos cultists, throwing a wild party around a massive Daemon.

Chaos Terminators. Don't be misled by their mean looks: they have very tender and passionate heart.

Khorne Berzerkers swawrming in the ruins, following the orders of their leader.

Plague Marines, exploring ruins of an old imperial city.

Chaos Raptors in search of enemies from the top a massive wall.

Pocket Berserker for the Pocket God!

Recent studies show that three Chaos Marine out of nine live on the edge.

... Chaos.. kinda of... Noise Berserker... yeah...

Land Raiders, having some fun with the Emperor.

Noise Marines, walking in the quiet gardens of a desacrated cathedral.

A Chaos Dreadnough, and his left arm.

Warpsmith and grazing Chaos Predator.
And a quite sorry Emperor statue.

When it comes to tuning, Chaos is always unmatched! Rhino, Vindicator and Standard bearer.

Chaos Marine Sorcerer followed by a Defiler with a distinct taste for dwarven artifacts.

Chaos Terminators, always arriving last.

Leaders. Smalltalk during lunch break.

Chaos Convention 2012.