Brancel medical reference guidelines have been available in print for 27 years (with new editions produced in June of each year - 2018 being the current editions), but for the third year now due to increased digital use the only print edition being produced is the Obstetric & Newborn Primary Care Guidelines.  Other guidelines are available in print form only by special order.  All of the guidelines are now available digitally on all digital devices (smartphones and computers) through my new website at Brancel Medical Guides .  Note that the apps previously produced for Apple and Android devices will no longer be updated as of 2015, given the now current availability of the guidelines at Brancel Medical Guides, where the guidelines are now updated instantly as changes are made.  Should you desire an app format, for Apple and Android devices, beginning in 2015, only the Amazon Kindle app guidelines will be updated (3 times yearly).

Guideline details and costs are listed under the guideline descriptions on this website and at Brancel Medical Guides .

For any comments, questions, or print form guideline orders, please email: markbrancelmd@gmail.com

or contact via U.S. mail at:

Mark Brancel, M.D.
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