Trackpad Magic

The tale of my abnormally large laptop trackpad and my palmsĀ 

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Here's a description of the project:

After purchasing my first Mac, the Macbook Pro 15", I found it annoying that when I would type or try to play games, my palm would occasionally slip over the corner of the unusually large trackpad and move my cursor to either a different position in the text (or mess up my aim) and I'd mess things up (or die after shooting at the ground). Under Mac OS X, there's an option whereby if an external mouse is connected, the trackpad is automatically disabled. However, there is no option in Windows for this in the mouse properties. The only way to disable it is to go into the Device Manager, right click it and select disable. Well, I wanted something easier, and I couldn't find anyone online that made a utility that does this. So....

I built a small utility that allows you to disable and enable the Apple Macbook trackpad easily, called Trackpad Magic. It even has the automatic mode which mimics OS X's option.

Many thanks to Chauncey W. for his much needed help with Windows Vista functionality and getting it to work on his unibody Macbook! He took the time to email me and help me get it working. Appreciate this to the max.