Welcome to my EDTECH E-Portfolio!

My name is Steven Poast and this is a collection of work from my time in Boise State University's Master of Educational Technology program.  I have spent the last two years learning about different types of educational technology and how they can positively impact learning at every level. In this website you will find a summary and artifacts from each of my courses. I have also included a rationale paper for the artifacts selected along with a reflection video on my time spent in the M.E.T. program.

M.E.T. Core Courses

EDTECH 501 - Introduction to Educational Technology
EDTECH 502 - The Internet for Educators
EDTECH 503 - Instructional Design
EDTECH 504 - Theoretical Foundations of Educational Technology
EDTECH 505 - Evaluation for Educational Technologists
EDTECH 506 - Instructional Message Design
EDTECH 592 - M.E.T. Portfolio

M.E.T. Elective Courses

EDTECH 512 - Online Course Design
EDTECH 513 - Multimedia
EDTECH 522 - Online Teaching for Adult Learners
EDTECH 554 - Managing Technology Integration in Schools