Thursday, September 15
Vehicle preparation - There will be a car wash area available for your use.
No Host Social Hour Niblicks and Greens - We will meet in the bar to renew old acquaintances and make new friends.  
Friday, September 16
Mechanical Judging - For Mechanical Judging, a team of judges will use the "Judging Form Mechanical Operation" (see 2011 Directory, pages 33-34). No cleanup is necessary. Try to get this part of the judging done as soon as you register. There will be multiple teams available.  
High Desert Museum Tour 
The Museum is a huge collection of exhibits involving the volcanoes, animals and other integral parts of this ecosystem. You can walk through an indoor faux volcano, touch all kinds of strange volcanic rocks and soil, see footage of Mount St. Helens erupting, create a caldera, make magma rise at the touch of a button and much, much more. The $35 per price includes bus transportation, museum entry fee, lunch and all gratuities. Space is limited so register early!       RSVP – Registration form 

General Membership Meeting  - National LCOC will be conducting a membership meeting for all who wish to attend. 

Friday Night Western BBQ - The Western BBQ dinner includes: Barbecued tri tip, chicken, tumalo beans, baked potatoes, mixed green salad, dessert, coffee and tea. Cost per person of $35 includes tax and gratuity.      RSVP – Registration form

Auction - There will be something for everyone from that car part you have been searching for, Lincoln memorabilia, art and marvelously useless things which we all love to collect. There will be silent and bidding auctions with a raffle or two thrown in. A no host bar will be available. If you have something to donate to the auction, please bring it with you.
Saturday, September 17
Mechanical Judging – (see Thursday) - Only for those checked in after 6:30 pm on Friday.
Appearance Judging  - Appearance judging will take place on the soccer field at the Resort. It will be a wonderful opportunity to show your car or just come and enjoy them. Be sure to bring your camera.
Show Day Lunch  - Pony Express will be catering a lunch on the show field which you may purchase and avoid those lines in the restaurants. Lunches will include: beverages, sandwiches, hot dogs, etc. Prices range from $4.00-$6.00. Those who volunteer to judge will be provided a lunch.
Awards Banquet  - All entrées are served with mixed green salad, garlic mashed potatoes, rolls, dessert, coffee and tea. Three entree choices are available:
    • Salmon Filet - fresh and broiled with tarragon butter
    • Chicken Jerusalem - sautéed chicken breast with mushrooms, garlic, shallots, white wine and artichoke hearts topped with bay shrimp (This item is a
       specialty and has been on the menu for over 15 years!)
    • Flat Iron Steak - topped with sautéed mushrooms
Cost per person is $38.00 and includes tax and gratuity.          RSVP – Registration form

Sunday, September 18

Cascade Lakes Scenic Highways and Lava Lands Visitors Center Driving Tour  - For those who wish to stay, this driving tour of the area will be well worth it. We should have great weather so plan on joining us for this relaxing beautiful day. Meet at Eagle Crest Parking Lot after pictures, breakfast and you have checked out. Our first stop will be Lava Lands Visitor Center.

Entrance fee is $5. You can drive up to the lookout and view the miles of lava beds, take a walk through the lava beds and visit the center. This is well worth the $5! A list of park passes was included in your packet. If you already have one of these passes your entrance fee is FREE! We will continue from Lava Lands to Highway 40-46, the Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway, where you will take in spectacular scenery of lakes and surrounding mountains.

This highway will take you back to Highway 97 and you can be on your way home from there, unless you stay another night! There is a café at Elk Lake Lodge for lunch on your own and a convenience store. This will be about 100 miles or less, round trip.          RSVP – Registration form


                                    Chart of Costs


Individual Registration (Any one attending any event must register)        $20.00

Registration of vehicles for judging or display (per car)                          $35.00 

Cost of activities are per person. Tax and gratuity are included

High Desert Museum Tour                                                                 $35.00

Western BBQ                                                                                  $35.00

Awards Banquet

            • Salmon Filet                                                                      $38.00

            • Chicken Jerusalem                                                              $38.00

            • Flat Iron Steak                                                                  $38.00

Cascade Lakes Scenic Highways and Lava Lands Visitors Center Tour         $0.00