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2011 Western National Meet - "Lincolns in Lava Land"

The Pacific Northwest Region of the Lincoln and Continental Owners Club welcomes you to the 2011 Western National Meet!  We are proud to host this premier event in sunny Central Oregon at the Eagle Crest Resort.  We have done our best to plan ahead to accommodate your needs for this event. Every effort was made to anticipate your needs as a show participant and as a visitor to Eagle Crest Resort.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Vehicle entries for this event close on August 30.  Sorry, no exceptions.  Fill out your Registration soon to ensure you are registered. 
We are offering for the first time online registration. Click here if you would like to try online Registration.
If you would like to promote your business with the participants of this show, please see the information about Sponsorships and how you and your business can support your club for this meet.

On behalf of our entire club, good luck and thank you very much for attending our event.

Sean & Karen Streeter
Meet co-Chairpersons
2011 Western National Meet