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Hamp All

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I have been kayaking since the early 80s and have been paddling surf kayaks on a consistent basis since approximately 1995. From 1997 to 2005 I surfed closed deck boats approximately 150 days a year on the North and South Shores of Oahu, moving from plastic whitewater kayaks to composite boats as the technology became available. In 2005 my family relocated to Western Washington, where I continue to spend as much time as possible in the surf zone on the Straits of Juan de Fuca, as well as coastal Washington, Oregon and BC.

Currently, I am providing volunteer instruction for Team River Runner Seattle and have recently been certified by the American Canoe Association as a ACA Level II/III Surf Kayak Instructor (Surf Boat Specific: Sit-on-Top or Closed Deck).

In addition to sharing the excitement of this great sport, my highest instructional priority is to help "spread the word" by teaching new surf boaters appropriate surf zone etiquette as well as boat control around other users of the surf zone. My other goals in instructing in the surf zone are to help others to enter the sport with the ability to analyze surf conditions, to build strong personal surf zone skill sets in new paddlers and to ensure surf kayakers have the ability to rescue both self and, if necessary, others. Making entry into the sport fun for a new surf zone paddler with relaxed but useful instruction is the focus of my approach toward teaching.

In terms of instructor experience, in addition to teaching various kayaking skills on an informal basis for many years, in my "real" life I have spent over 25 years in professional aviation, teaching new pilots to fly complex high performance airplanes.

My competitive kayaking history is:

2002: 2nd place Expert/Freestyle (Closed Deck), Surf Aloha Contest Oahu,HI
2003: 2nd place Expert/Freestyle, 2nd place Open (any kayak), Surf Aloha Contest
2006: 1st place Deck Boat Expert, 1st Place Open Expert, Surf Aloha Contest
2007: 1st place Deck Boat Expert, 1st Place Open Expert, Surf Aloha Contest
2nd place HP, 2nd place IC Hoebuck Hoedown, WA
2008: 2nd place HP Hoebuck Hoedown, WA
2009: Ist place IC Hoebuck Hoedown, WA
2nd place Waveski Hoebuck Hoedown, WA
4th place HP Hobuck Hoedown, WA

Come on out and join in the fun sharing waves with us! I can be reached at 360-908-1999 or

Aloha, Hamp