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 Track (1)    Rhapsody for Classic Film for piano and orchestra (Neo-classical)
Track (2)   Somewhere: from L.Bernsteins "Westside Story" (Piano & Orch)
Track (3)   A wish In A Life and Time: By Boise Queen, original score to the song: 
                Once Upon a Child of Time. (Piano & Orch.)
Track(4)    Naima: by J. Coltrane (piano solo rendition)
Track(5)    Once I had a secret love: (piano solo rendition)                                    
Track(6)    The Way We Were: (piano & orch version) 
Track(7)     Lush Life: by: B Strayhorn ( piano solo version)
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"Windows To The World" Concerto for piano & Orch.(1973)
Track (1) Rondo Capriccio
Track (2) Intermezzo Adagio
Track (3) Scherzo-Finale
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