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                               Piano Rapture
                                Piano performances inspiring the Heart as it speaks to the Soul
         neo classical * contemporary * jazz ballad standards,40's thru 80's * New Age original works
Rhapsody for Classic Film for piano and orch.(In performance)
        "The objective of music is to inspire the listener to discover the creativity
          in themselves from them discovering ...yours! "           
          (Jane Dix 1902-1988 Concert pianist retired,teacher,mentor and friend)
         Boise Queen has become familiar as an extremely gifted classically trained     
         pianist-composer that performs 40's thru 80's easy listening jazz and classical
         themes, superbly played to the delight of even the most discriminating taste's.
         Boise has perfected his creative abilities at the piano to such an extent as to
         make a "real positive impact" with those that are fortunate to hear him whether
         in a live recital or in a full recording with orchestra.
          Samples of his neo-classical audio recordings can be accessed for purchasing 
          his 7-track newest CD "Piano Rapture" 
          Simply click the "Downloads & CD
          purchasing" option located on the upper left of the sidebar of this page.
          http://soundcloud.com/boise-queen Highlight/Click the link      
          Additional information about Boise Queen
          Boise is popular exclusively among audience's expecting to see and hear
          a performance reminiscent of such crossover pianists out of the 60's era  
          like Victor Borge or Leonard Pennario.
          His creativity on classical themes and jazz ballad standards often sung by 
          50's and 60's vocal legends like "Frank Sinatra,Tony Bennet,Nat "King"
          Cole or Debbie Reynolds",have spearheaded his popularity as one of the 
          few remaining artisans of a music culture bred on "creative excellence".   
          Special attributes and achievements:
          Boise is 100% plus ear-trained as a pianist and a composer. He has the
          innate ability to sit down at the piano and to perform an "unfamiliar"piece
          of music  upon hearing it and to improvise lyrical jazz or classical treatment,
          making the song or work sound as if it were a prepared composition.
          This is often done simultaneously during the playing process.
          Boise also has composed numerous compositions for solo piano as well as
          for piano and orchestra. His latest compostion"Rhapsody for Classic Film for
          Piano and Orchestra is the featured work on his website:
          Boise's newest "CD" "Piano Rapture" ; which is available 
          FREE to recipients that make a donation of $15.00 or more using PayPal
          directly or donating through:
           A full album CD sells for $12.95
          Contact information:    
             Phone: (708)931-1521   E-mail: pnoqboyz@gmail.com
            Preferred(booking)  website link:  http://www.gigsalad.com/chicagos_best_kept_secret_piano
             Additional Social Media sites:
           * Facebook, *Twitter, * Linked In
             To Listen to various works by this pianist/composer:
            Simply "click" the following link to bring up the song-tunepak
  http://soundcloud.com/boise-queen     Highlight/Click the link 

   Piano Rapture

    " Searingly beautiful & Inspiring work:"

       Joe Terry: "The Southbay Show" South Central Los Angeles CA.

   " This album has the power to make one want to listen continuously"

      Loved it!

      Zenobia Silas Carson: Writer,biographer,inspirational speaker

      Brooklyn Center,Mn. 

    “Piano Rapture” Boise’s newest album

    Available for download online featuring :

    Rhapsody for classic film for piano and orchestra.


 Listen in NOW!....click the link:  Then click the "buy" 

 option on the music players!



  (Full promotional streaming & Track album CD purchase)


Title tracks:                                       

 (1) Rhapsody for classic film (original neoclassical work)

 (2) 1960's contemporary standard (piano and orch.) 

 (3) A wish in a life in time (original contemporary work)

 (4) 1950's contemporary standard (solo piano) classical rendition 

 (5) 1950's contemporary standard(solo piano)  classical rendition  

 (6) 1950's contemporary standard (piano&orch) classical rendition

 (7) 1950's contemporary standard (solo piano)


 Please note* The "classical rendition"refers to how that particular

 work has been specially arranged and played. Samples of it can be heard by clicking the link below or on the "tunepak link" above.

Each "hardcopy"cd album is accompanied with a signed autographed photo insert. .

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