Everything Is The Same

"Sad is a silly word", he says.

"Sad is not an option for the little time we have".

March, 2008


I’m a lucky woman.

I have a bunch of friends.

They’re scattered all over the continent

They’re stars in the sky’s frame.


To prove it, I will display

What one of my stars said today

In a wonderful conversation

Full with delighted expressions:


-How are you?

-I’m good.

-Good.  Any news?

-Not really.  Well, it’s Spring. 

It’s warm. 

The birds are chirping.

The sun’s bright. 

 I just want to be out!


-That’s great. Anything else?

-Not exactly... The only big prospect

 I’m really looking forward to...

 Is seeing you again!

 I guess everything’s the same.


-I’m glad. -You are!?

-Sure.  It means nothing’s changed.

- ...I think you’re right.  

Well.  I’ll talk to you later!

I love you! Bye!

-I love you too, dear.  Muah!




I realized what he meant

A few minutes later.

Everything’s the same is

We’ll be best friends forever.


It means I still miss him

(And everyone else)

Just like the very next day

When I had to take that plane.


I still look back into my past,

My present and my future,

And he’s there, grinning,

Telling me not to be sad.


"Sad is a silly word", he says.

"Sad is not an option for the little time we have".

Not an option for things like a broken heart,

A low self image, or the fact that,

Yet again, we will have to depart.


Everything is the same means

That I am in peace with myself,

That I’m in the right place

That my schedule’s up-to-date.


That nothing and nobody can take away

My good humor, my hope,

My love for life.

My friends.


Thank you, D.


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