Ups and

Downs of a

Dominican Girl 

Laura Penélope Marte-Bilbao


I am a Dominican Girl experiencing migration, to married life, motherhood, and the turnabouts of finding out who I want to be and actually being myself.

Reading, writing, and the power of language to bind people together through time and place are my things, but it wasn't until 2004 when I started to believe in myself and give it a second try.

I love to love and to have passion about anything; I love life; I love to be myself in front of anybody; I love new experiences; I love my good friends; I love and miss my family very much; I love music, movies, books, food ...

I am fluent in Spanish and English and will try to have everything I publish here in both languages.

My favorite writer is Isabel Allende; I identify with her magical realism and it is my desire to dominate it profoundly. In the meantime, I will define my own style as fun, simple, and life-like, splashed with that magic that is real and can make our hearts pound with the ecstasy of joy, realize how many blessings we really have whether or not we want more, and cry to pour out our spirits when suffering is inevitable.