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By Jackie Maskall
No systematic survey of the insects and other arthropods of Teraja has yet been undertaken but chance sightings produced photographs representing a range of families and there are opportunities to spot these animals when walking. Butterflies (see separate section) dance around the longhouse and padi fields, a trilobite beetle may be sitting on a log across your path and a firefly signals for a mate after nightfall. A late evening walk will also yield a variety of phasmids and centipedes, emerged from the leaf litter for a night’s browsing or hunting. Dragonflies are abundant along the old Marudi road and around the padi fields while water boatmen and other aquatic arthropods may be seen in the many streams. Termite mounds and tubes advertise the presence of these essential insects. Other insects secrete themselves in crevices or under bark, and have to be sought out. The mosquitoes will of course always welcome you, so take some repellent. Interestingly enough, mosquitoes are quite limited through the Mixed Dipterocarp Forest (most of Teraja) but are abundant and fierce in the Peat swamp part of Teraja.

Insects and other Arthropods