Parkway North Color Guard

What is Color Guard?

Color Guard is the musical interpretation of the music played by the award winning North Marching Viking Band at half time of home football games, marching in the Homecoming Parade and competing with the band in fall competitions. Our routines include dancing, tossing flags, and working with rifles. We illustrate the point the music is trying to convey to the listeners through a combination of technique and dance.

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Join BOTH Remind (formerly known as Remind 101) accounts: (We will send out texts with important information and schedule updates)
  • For Marching Band: Please text: @pnhband to  (858) 207-4315.
  • For Color Guard: Please text: @pnhguard to (858) 207-4315.
Facebook Page:
  • The Band Facebook page: Parkway North Marching Band (request to join)
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Guard Leadership: Captain: Anna Law
                                     Co-Captain: Kirsten Davies


July 26 8-11am Section Leader Meeting
July 26 8-3pm Newbee Camp and section leaders      
July 27  8-12pm Newbee Camp and section leaders

July 30 8-3pm Band Camp
July 31 8-3pm Band Camp
August 1 8-3pm Band Camp
August 2 8-3pm Band Camp
August 3 8-3pm Band Camp

August 6 3-8:30pm Band Camp
August 7 3-8:30pm Band Camp
August 8 3-8:30pm Band Camp
August 9 3-5:00pm Band Camp
August 9 6:30pm Parent Preview

August 13 8-3pm Band Camp

Fall Practices: Performances:

  • Morning Practices:
    • COLOR GUARD ONLY 6:30 am  - 7:10 am Tuesday and Wednesday morning: guard will concentrate on learning the drill on the varsity field
    • Guard and Band: 6:30 am to 7:20 am Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays:
    • On home football days we play at the before school pep rally
Absences: Please try to resolve all conflicts in advance as you have our practice dates. Please avoid making doctor or dentist appointments during our practice times whether morning practices or after school sectionals, should be reported to Mr. Linn in advance at, and to Mrs. Glenn at

Remember our motto:
if you arrive early you are on time; if you arrive at the scheduled time you are late.

August 17 Cardinals game - play Star Spangled Banner

Home Football Games:
Aug. 24    Home game
Sept. 7     Home game
Oct 5        Home game
Oct. 13      Pep Rally
Oct. 14      Homecoming
Oct. 19      Home game


  • Guard ONLY After School Sectionals:
    3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    • Mondays 
    • Thursdays 
    • Early arrival on Home Football Fridays to warm up and prepare for game 
  • Full Band PracticeTuesday Evenings: from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm unless otherwise indicated - see 2018 Band Schedule for dates.

We perform at all band competitions*:

    Sept. 15 Farmington Marching Band Comp.

        Sept. 22 LaFayette Marching Band Competition

       Oct. 6 Ozarko
Springfield, MO
     Oct. 7  Return

October 12 Pep Rally

October 13 Homecoming
Parade and Game

     Oct. 20 Howell North     Music in Motion Competition

* subject to change; see band calendar for more detailed information

Page Last Updated: May 2018