8th Grade Students create media projects about what they know best....their family and neighborhood.

They will plan the project and conduct interviews with their family members and neighbors.

The theme we focused on was "Why Did Your Family Immigrate To The United States".
While over 75% of our students are either first or second generation immigrants, alll students were given choices in their project selection.  Some 

Project Plan and Instructions


Most students chose to do traditional display boards.  Although we have since had new iMacs installed in our school's computer lab, at the time the project was assigned, students had to share a few older computers or rely on their own home access to technology.

Oral History on military service by Elijah

YouTube Video

Exemplary Student Digital Video Project by Carmina S. interviewing her parents on why they immigrated to the US from The Philippines.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3s2JR1v-0o 

Slideshow Video of some of the display boards created by students.

Oral History Project 2012 Display Boards

Immigration Oral History Project 2012 Video of Storyboards made on iMovie

YouTube Video

Previous Related Projects

In 2010-11, my 8th grade History/Language Arts students created power points on why their families came to the United States.

Here is that project:

8th Grade Immigration Project