C. Working papers

2020 working papers: 
  • 'How representative are social partners in Europe? The role of dissimilarity', with Marta Martinez-Matute (GLO DP 718)
  • 'What drives social returns to education?', with Ying Cui (GLO DP 706)
  • 'What do Employers' Associations do?' (IZA DP 13705)
  • 'Jobs Cronyism in Public-Sector Firms' (GLO DP 624) [Rej&R]
  • 'Does vocational education pay off in China? Quantile-regression instrumental-variables evidence', with Li Dai (GLO DP 495)
  • 'Employee training and firm performance: Quasi-experimental evidence from the European Social Fund' (GLO DP 488) [R&R]
  • 'Rent sharing in China: Magnitude, Heterogeneity and Drivers', with Wenjing Duan (GLO DP 448, 2020; Blog: EnglishChinese) 

2015-2019 working papers: 
  • 'Is the future of work childless? Self-employment and fertility', with Judite Goncalves (GLO DP 401, 2019)
  • 'Making their own weather? Estimating employer labour-market power and its wage effects' (CGR WP 95, 2018) [R&R]
  • 'Evaluating Public-Private Partnerships in Employment Services: The Case of the UK Work Programme', with Danula Gamage (CGR WP 87, 2018) 
  • 'Clicking towards Mozambique's New Jobs' (CGR WP 85, 2017) 
  • 'Economic effects of overtime premium flexibility: Firm- and worker-level evidence from a law reform' (GLO DP 102, 2017) 
  • '(How) Do Non-Cognitive Skills Programs Improve Adolescent School Achievement? Experimental Evidence' (IZA DP 10950, 2017) 
  • 'Do wages increase when severance pay drops? Not in recessions' (CGR WP 77, 2017) [R&R]
  • 'Can Non-Cognitive Skills Programs Improve Achievement? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from EPIS' (GLO DP 105, 2016) [R&R]
  • 'The third worker: Assessing the trade-off between employees and contractors' (IZA DP 10222, 2016) 
  • 'Should the maximum duration of fixed-term contracts increase in recessions? Evidence from a law reform' (IZA DP 10206, 2016) [R&R]
  • 'Working to get fired? Regression discontinuity effects of unemployment benefit eligibility on prior employment duration' (IZA DP 10262, 2016) 
  • 'Reemployment and substitution effects from increased activation: Evidence from times of crisis', with Sofia Pessoa e Costa (IZA DP 8600, 2015)
  • 'The Diversity of Personnel Practices and Firm Performance' (IZA DP 10289, 2015) [R&R] 
  • 'Individual Teacher Incentives, Student Achievement and Grade Inflation'. (Earlier version: IZA DP 4051CGR WP 29; Media: The EconomistAtlanticNCTQDNJNExpresso)

Work in progress (selection): 
  • Employment effects of restricting fixed-term contracts, with Pierre Cahuc, Franck Malherbet and Pauline Carry
  • Employer collusion and employee training, with Jonathan P. Thomas

Inactive working papers: 

  • 'Labour market data sources towards digital technical and vocational education and training', with Nikos Askitas, Rafik Mahjoubi and Koffi Zougbede (Paris21/OECD DP 13, 2018)
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