D. Research grants

Ongoing/recent funded research projects (selection):
  • 'Employer representation in collective bargaining', DG Employment, European Commission, 2020-22 (PI: D. Nicolitsas, €392k)
  • 'Intergenerational equity', Gulbenkian Foundation, 2019-20 (PI, £32k
  • 'Collective bargaining in Brazil', QM GERI, 2019 (PI, £2k) 
  • 'Economic Analysis of Collective Bargaining Extensions', DG Employment, European Commission, 2017-19 (PI, €405k) 
  • 'Developing vocational training in the Mozambique labour market', International Growth Centre, 2015-16 (PI, £19.6k) 
  • 'Collective Bargaining', International Monetary Fund, 2015 (PI, $5k)
  • 'Management Training and Firm Performance: The Role of the European Union Structural Funds', QMUL, 2015 (PI, £2.5k) 
  • 'Close the deal, fill the gap', DG Justice, European Commission, 2014-16 (PI: H. Conley, €325k) 
  • 'Counterfactual impact evaluation of a large activation programme', DG Employment, European Commission, 2014-15 (PI, €96k)