PMP Questions 221 - 240

221.   The process of Contract Administration falls under which process group
    1. Planning
    2. Closing
    3. Monitoring and Control
    4. Executing
222.   Sam Consultancy has a large internal project to be initiated. To staff this project, Sam Consultancy is working with People Consultancy to provide three resources for six months. The resources will be part of the team managed by Sam Consultancy for six months. Which contract type should be used by Sam Consultancy?
    1. Purchase Order
    2. Cost plus Fee
    3. Fixed cost
    4. Time and Material
223.   Sam Consultancy is planning to buy ten desktops for $1500 each from a leading computer store. Which type of contract will get signed in this case?
    1. Purchase Order
    2. Cost plus Fee
    3. Fixed cost
    4. Time and Material
224.   Tree Consultancy is getting 200 computers installed from a vendor. The vendor will be paid the cost involved and a 10% incentive. Which contract will be used in this case?
    1. CPPC
    2. CPIF
    3. CPFF
    4. Fixed Cost
225.   Alice is a Project Manager. She is coordinating a bidder conference to allow vendors to get clarification on the work that needs to be performed. Which phase of Project Management is in progress.
    1. Request Seller Process
    2. Plan Contracting
    3. Select Sellers
    4. Contract Administration

226.   Process Analysis is a function of:
    1. Performance Analysis
    2. Quality Metrics
    3. Process Improvement Plan
    4. Quality Improvement Plan
227.   Root Cause Analysis relates to:
    1. Process Analysis
    2. Quality Audits
    3. Quality Control Measurements
    4. Performance Measurements
228.   Trend Analysis is often performed using:
    1. Cause and Effect Diagram
    2. Control Charts
    3. Pareto Chart
    4. Run Chart
    5. Scatter Diagram
229.   A Pareto diagram can be best described as:
    1. Cause and Effect Diagram
    2. Scatter Chart
    3. Control Chart
    4. Histogram
230.   A planning phase for an engineering component generated 80 engineering drawings. The QA team randomly selected 8 drawings for inspection. This exercise can BEST be described as example of:
    1. Inspection
    2. Statistical Sampling
    3. Flowcharting
    4. Control Charting

231.   Reserve Analysis a technique NOT used in:
    1. Cost Estimating
    2. Cost Budgeting
    3. Cost Control
    4. Estimating Activity Duration
232.   A Project with a total funding of $100,000 finished with a BAC value of $95,000. What term can BEST describe the difference of $5,000?
    1. Cost Variance
    2. Management Overhead
    3. Management Contingency Reserve
    4. Schedule Variance
233.   Project Cost Management Plan is created as a part of:
    1. Develop Project Management Plan process
    2. Cost Estimating process
    3. Cost Budgeting process
    4. Cost Control process
234.   A particular project in the domain of civil construction requires that every on-site worker be insured. Which of the following inputs BEST conveys this requirement to the Cost Estimation process so that the insurance cost is estimated and subsequently budgeted:
    1. Enterprise Environmental Factor
    2. Organizational Process Assets
    3. Project Scope Statement
    4. Project Management Plan
235.   _____________ is not a part of the project cost baseline but is included in the project budget:
    1. Activity Cost Contingency Reserve
    2. Management Contingency Reserve
    3. Management Overheads
    4. Project Management Planing
236.   ___________ is not part of the Earned Value calculations.
    1. Known Unknowns
    2. Unknown Unknowns
    3. Project Budget
    4. Amount of work completed
237.   What is the BEST way to make an accurate forecasting of ETC?
    1. Manual Forecasting of cost of remaining work.
    2. BAC – EV
    3. (BAC – EV)/CPI
    4. EAC - AC

238.   If the Earned Value is equal to Actual Cost, it means:
    1. Project is on budget and on schedule
    2. Schedule Variance Index is 1
    3. There is no schedule variance
    4. There is no cost variance

239.   Trend Analysis is BEST described as:
    1. Analyzing performance of similar projects over time
    2. Examining project performance over time
    3. Calculating Earned Value
    4. Calculating Cost Variance

240.   Which of the following is not done as part of Performance Measurements?
    1. Calculating Planned Value
    2. Calculating Earned Value
    3. Calculating ETC
    4. Calculating Cost Variance

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221. C.

 222. D. 

223. A.  

224. A.   

225. A. 

226. C. 

227. A. 

228. D. 

229.  D. 

230.  B.  

231. C  

232. C 

233. A

234. C  

235. B  

236. B

237. A 

238. D

239. B 

240. B