5th Edition Changes

PMP 5th Edition Details

For the full details of the 5th edition changes, please refer to PMI's link.
However, we have added the main summary for your easy reference below:
1. Redefinition of work performance data, work performance information, and work performance reports
2. New Section 3 which introduces the Project Management processes and Process Groups.
3. Split of Project Communications Management into Two Separate Sections
- There are two distinct Knowledge Areas: Project Communications Management and Project Stakeholder Management. This change takes the communication processes currently contained in Section 10 and refocuses them to project comms planning, executing, and controlling.
- The project management processes related to managing project stakeholders were expanded to include:
    a. Identify Stakeholders
    b. Develop Stakeholder Management Plan
    c. Manage Stakeholder Engagement
    d. Control Stakeholder Engagement
- Process Changes, notably:
4. Section 4 - Project Integration Management Changes
5. Section 5 - Project Scope Management Changes
 6. Section 6 - Project Time Management Changes
7. Section 7 - Project Cost Management Changes
8. Section 8 - Project Quality Management Changes
9. Section 9 - Project HR Management Changes
10. Section 10 - Project Communications Management Changes
11. Section 11 - Project Risk Management Changes
12. Section 12 - Project Procurement Management Changes
13. Section 13 - Project Stakeholder Management Changes
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