Useful PMP Links

PMP Tips
  1. Dummies Guide PMP Test Prep (One-page guide with concise tips that focus on the pattern of the questions)
  2. PMP Exam Day Tips (What to do on the exam day proper)
  3. PMP Soft Exam Tips (Very useful tips from PMP Soft)

PMP Preparatory Questions 

  1. Trial Exams (PMP Exam simulator with 30 to 50 free practice questions and another 1,000 questions in the database) 
  2. PMConnection (with 10 free prep questions)
  3. Self Assessment Test by Oliver Lehmann (with about 175 questions with some explanations) 
  4. Prepare PM (High quality test questions, with about 180 questions) 
  5. Test Prep Review (with 15 free questions) 
  6. Whizlab (with about 15 free questions) 

PgMP Guide (Affiliated with PMP Bank)

  1. PgMP Question Bank (Your Ultimate Question Bank to PgMP questions. There are not many free question banks and this is probably the best resource available)
  2. Mister Exam (Comprehensive PMP and PGMP guide based on latest 5th edition) 

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