Quantitative Marketing Study

Conducting a Quantitative Marketing Study

Step 1: Construct the Quantitative Sample
- choose the survey target unit (individual, group, company, department, etc)
- determine the size of the sample
- set up the sample in a random way, or by quota method (when you know the characteristics of the target population from a few criteria)
Step 2: Determine how you are going to gather the information
- this gathering can be done face-to-face, by telephone, by mail or through the Internet
- choose the method according to the extent to which the people answering can do so independently, and the constraints of cost and efficiency
Step 3: Write the questionnaire, then test it
- ask clear questions
- avoid biased questions whose responses are strongly suggestive
- avoid embarrassing questions that can make the person being surveyed feel uncomfortable
- avoid ambiguous questions that are open to interpretation
- avoid awkward questions that demand a response, even if the person being surveyed is not capable of answer the question
Step 4: Conduct the survey
Step 5: Treating the information
- when you use a response to make an important decision, look carefully at how the question was phrased.
1. before launching any research, be sure of the information you want to gather
2. keep the same methods
3. do not become obsessed with representativeness
4. test your questionnaire
5. call upon professionals
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