PMP Questions 121 - 140

121. The project manager’s leadership style should be matched to the corresponding developmental level of the project team and should move through successive steps in the following order:
a. Disciplinary, autocratic, participative
b. Projectized, matrix, functional
c. Team building, team development, responsibility assignment
d. Directing, coaching, supporting, delegating

122. A company has signed a contract for new work that is different from work that it has done before. The company’s strategic plan calls for much of this kind of work in the future. It is important that it be able to bring the correct shared resources together to work on different parts of the contract. The type of organization that this suggest is a:
a. Functional organization
b. Contractor organization
c. Matrix organization
d. Pure project organization

123. The manager of a large corporation wants to sign a contract to build a nuclear power plant in Botswana several thousand miles away from the home office. The project will take several years to build and test. What type of organization will be best for managing this project?
a. Functional organization
b. Contractor organization
c. Matrix organization
d. Pure project organization

124. In matrix management organizations, if the organization maintains many of the characteristic of the functional organization and the project managers are considered more like project coordinators or expediters, it is called a:
a. Strong matrix
b. Project team
c. Weak matrix
d. Project office

125. A project manager is selecting team members for her project team. She collects the resumes and past performance reviews for the potential team members and discusses each with their functional manager. Which of the following is not a characteristic that the project manager should use in selecting the team members?
a. Previous experience
b. Personal characteristics
c. Personal interest
d. Salary

126. A project manager is responsible for all that goes on in the project. One of the most important duties that the project manage can perform is the function of:
a. Risk management
b. Quality management
c. Cost management
d. Integration

127. The organization that is a formalized structure directed toward the support of the project community within the organization is called:
a. Matrix organization
b. Project office
c. Project team
d. Project management office

128. On a project team one of the team members has a problem collecting on a medical insurance claim. The team member comes to the project manager and explains the problem. The problem is the responsibility of the:
a. Project team
b. Project manager
c. Executive manager
d. Human resource department

129. The organization that is a formalized structure where the project teams and the project managers reside is called:
a. Matrix organization
b. Project office
c. Project team
d. Project management office

130. A conflict arises about the method to solve a difficult design problem. The project manager is seeking a method of resolving the conflict. In order to achieve the most long lasting resolution to project conflicts, which of the following approached should be used?
a. Problem solving
b. Compromise
c. Withdrawal
d. Smoothing

131. In a large organization a project expediter is being used to manage a project for an important client. The position of project expediter would be found in what kind of an organization?
a. Strong matrix
b. Weak matrix
c. Functional
d. Projectized

132. The project manager of a project is concerned with managing cost and improving morale and is also concerned about notifying other project managers when individuals from his project team will be available to work on other projects. This is best addressed in the project’s:
a. Communications plan
b. Work breakdown structure
c. Staffing plan
d. Project schedule

133. The beginning and the end of the project is defined by:
a. The project plan
b. The project charter
c. The team charter
d. The project lifecycle

134. Herzberg divided motivation factors into two classes: satisfiers and dissatisfiers. Examples of satisfiers are:
a. Vacation time, assignment of a personal staff assistant
b. Work satisfaction, fringe benefit
c. Plush office space, performance-based salary raise
d. Sense of personal achievement, work satisfaction

135. The skill of listening involves more than just hearing the sounds. One of the characteristics of a good listener is that he or she:
a. Finishes the speaker’s sentences
b. Take good notes
c. Repeats some of the things said
d. Agrees with the speaker

136. Primary outputs from team development are:
a. Input to performance appraisals
b. High project team morale
c. Reduced project cost
d. Greater customer satisfaction

137. An automotive oil change station was receiving complaints that service took too long. A coffee machine and television were installed in the waiting room and the complaints went down. This is an example of:

a. Smith-Carlisle method
b. Creative problem solving
c. Analytical problem solving
d. Decision analysis

138. A project manager is concerned about team building on her project. One of the mandatory things that she must have in order to have good team building is:
a. Commitment from top level management
b. Co-location of team members
c. Establishment of clear negotiated goals
d. Open discussion of poor individual performance

139. The project manager of a new project wants to get things started in a positive way with the project team. The project manager wants the team members to get to know one another, to introduce the project team and the project manager to one another, to discuss the objectives and goals of the project, and to identify some of the potential problem areas. This meeting is called a:
a. Project team meeting
b. Project kick-off meeting
c. Goal setting meeting
d. Introduction meeting

140. A project manager is managing a project where there will be a number of persons working together. She wants to enhance the ability of the team to work together and perform as a team. One of the things that she can do to maximize the ability of the team to do this is:
a. Cohabitation
b. Co-location
c. Staffing plan
d. Work breakdown structure

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121. D
Directing, coaching, supporting, delegating

122. C
Matrix organization

Pure project organization

Weak matrix

125. D

126. D

127. B
Project office

128. D
Human resource department

129. D
Project management office

130. A
Problem solving

131. B
Weak matrix

132. C
Staffing plan

133. D
The project lifecycle

134. D
Sense of personal achievement, work satisfaction

135. C
Repeats some of the things said

136. A
Input to performance appraisals

137. B
Creative problem solving

138. A
Commitment from top level management

139. B
Project kick-off meeting

140. B