The Local Hole revealed by galaxy counts and redshifts 2013.
The Local Hole appears as a statistically significant under count of galaxies in a particular area of the sky.  The largest local structure yet detected?

The Formation of the Local Group Planes of Galaxies 2013.  The Milky Way lies in the Local Sheet, part of the boundary of the Local Void.

Cosmography of the Local Universe: 2013.  There's a link in the paper to an accompanying video which shows the location of nearby voids.

Discovery of an extremely gas-rich dwarf triplet near the center of the Lynx-Cancer void: 2012.
 the void environment is a fertile hunting ground for unusual, less evolved, galaxies, which in many ways resemble high redshift young galaxies.

A public void catalog from the SDSS DR7 Galaxy Redshift Surveys based on the watershed transform: 2012

The Void Galaxy Survey: Optical Properties and H I Morphology and Kinematics: 2012

The orientation of disk galaxies around large cosmic voids

Study of galaxies in the Lynx-Cancer void. -- III. New extreme LSB dwarf galaxies:  unevolved dwarf galaxies in the void - could it be because of a big explosion?

Structural Analysis of the SDSS Cosmic Web I.Nonlinear Density Field Reconstructions: Comparison of Void finding algorithms

Cosmic Voids in Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 7 2011

Linear kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect and void models for acceleration 2011

The Void Galaxy Survey 2011.

Nearby galaxies as pointers to a better theory of cosmic evolution  2010 by P.J.E. Peebles and Adi Nusser in Nature.  Galaxies in the Local Void.

Void in Wikipedia. 

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