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सर्वॆजना: सुखिनॊ भवंतु

Patel Mahabalaiah Meenakshamma Trust (R) ,

 Registered under THE INDIAN TRUSTS ACT, 1882, on 9th February 2006 is a charitable non governamental, selffunded organisation. We take up activities enhancing Social, Cultural and Economic fabrics of our society.  

We are located in a village 24 Km away from Sagara in Shimoga District , Karnataka, India. Presently we are a zero overhead organisation. Our activities are limited to places around our village. In our attempt to give society something in return for its contribution to our development, we have gotten together to work in our personal capacity. 

Societies have been changed by few committed individuals. We belive it is possible to make a lot of difference.  Charity, we belive is a relief but not a solution. Attempts are on to devise region specific solutions.

Any help outside support, networking with us is tottally welcome. Please send an email to cfd.research@gmail.com, if you have simillar concern for the underprivilaged. We do not rise funds. We belive how much we are ready to sacrifice is a measure of our concern. 

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