Patel Mahabalaiah Meenakshamma  Trust (R),Kattinakere, India 

 सर्वॆजना: सुखिनॊ भवंतु

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PMM Trust (R) Registered on 9th February 2006 is a charitable non governamental, selffunded organisation. We take up activities enhancing Social, Cultural and Economic fabrics of our society.

Centre For Development Reseach is envisaged to be our rural development wing. We are located in a remote village and hence excepect to understand the nuinces of rural development in a more practical way.    

Secretary of the Trust is authorised to take most of the decisions, financial or otherwise, in the absence of the Board of Trustees. 

PMM Trust (R),
#15, Kattinakere,
Dt-Shimoga, St-Karnataka, India,

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