SID Player

SID Player is a music player application for the Nokia N9 smartphone that can play music made for the Commodore 64 computer. 

High Voltage SID Collection is a large collection of music made for Commodore 64. SID Player allows you to browse the collection and play tunes from it.


Download SID Player by launching the Store application in the N9 launcher.


When you launch SID Player, you have a folder view into the High Voltage SID Collection. Find a tune to play by going inside one of the folders and it's subfolders until you get a list of tunes. Tapping the tune name will open the playback screen as shown in the screenshot and start playing it.

You can control the playback by pausing it or choosing the previous or next tune. Note that the playback continues forever until you choose another song or pause or go back to the folder page.

It's possible to create a ringtone from a tune by selecting "Set as ringtone" from the menu while a tune is playing. This will open a dialog where you can choose the part of the tune to use and adjust other parameters.


SID Player downloads the folders and tunes from a web server that contains an extracted version of the High Voltage SID Collection. If you need to change the default server address used by SID Player, open settings dialog from the menu. The instructions for proper address are written in the dialog. You can see a list of available servers in the Mirrors section of download. Note that not all of the mirrors can be used, see instructions for choosing the mirror in the dialog.